Crime and Public Safety data

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This page is broken down into four areas.


For the month of Jan and Feb, BetaNYC is double down its advocacy investment in open data and focusing on building tools for City Council Members, their staff, and Community Boards. For eight weeks, we are looking at four data realms and building apps on top of that data: Crime and Public Safety, Schools and Transportation, Land Use, and NYC 311 data. These nights will feed into a two day hackathon (22/23 Feb), Code Across NYC.

On our first night, we explored what tools might be helpful for City Council Members, their staff, and Community Boards. You can find more of these ideas on BetaNYC's Project Idea board or read the notes from our first night:

We can have more comprehensive decisions on infrastructure improvements if we had complete information on traffic violations and crash data.

I could provide a better interface for crash data entry if we were able to work with the NYPD to facilitate a unified entry point for data.

If we had data broken down for every major street redesign, we can better understand the impact of those redesigns.

If the NYPD publicized their recommendations on and underlying data to Department of Transportation for street redesigns, elected officials, community boards and the public could participate in the decision making process.

Suggested Project:

Map interface with crash data overlaid and formatted for better public consumption. Present suggestions to elected officials for where street improvements are needed. Provide a better interface for crash data entry. >

Tools and Maps

This is a collection of Crime and Public Safety data tools:

Hacknight Projects

This is a listing of projects people are working on at the hacknight. You might find some ideas from our kick off night (see the About or from BetaNYC's ideascale. If you are going to be working on a project, edit this page and add it below.

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Crime and Public Safety Data

In general you can find data on and search for Public Safety. The following list is a collection of relevant Gov and Non-Gov NYC datasets.



Office of Emergency Management

Department of Transportation

NYC 311 Inquiry API

NYC Geo Client API