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Sudhindra's dotfiles

My UNIX dotfiles bared for the world to see. (Well they were originally Toby Tripp's, then Sudhindra Rao's, and now Patrick Turley)


git clone dotfiles
cd dotfiles
ruby install.rb


bash < <( curl )


Now you can cleanly uninstall and reinstall your dotfiles.

cd dotfiles

ruby uninstall.rb

Remote Server Installation

The repository contains a script for setting up some bare-bones dotfiles on remote servers. These files include things like screen configuration, a simple bashrc, and the sort.

Install with: bash < <( curl )

This just clones or updates the repository and links back bashrc and screenrc.

Color Themes for OSX

When using dotfiles on Mac OSX the IR_Black theme works the best and renders colors effectively. Here is a how to install IR_Black theme on OSX.