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Installation guide for Biolife Drupal theme full site setup.
The installation is fast and simple allowing you to have your site up and running within minutes.
1. Extract file downloaded from github on your web server. Put the whole contents of biolife-drupal folder to server root (alternatively you can put all files from inside biolife-drupal to server root).
The server root folder to extract the files to depends on the type of server you are using. Some typical locations would be:
- XAMPP on Windows: C:\xampp\htdocs\
- AppServ on Windows: C:\Appserv\www\
- MAMP on OSX: Applications/MAMP/htdocs/
- WebServer on Linux: /home/user/public_html/
2. Create a new database through phpMyAdmin/MySQL configuration utility.
3. In the browser go to your domain/subdomain/folder: http:// localhost/biolife-drupal if you are using a local server and http:// if you are using a remote installation.
4. In “Select an installation profile” choose Biolife and click "Save and continue."
5. The default language in this profile is English, so click "Save and continue."
6. Configure your database entering the name of the database you created earlier (i. 2 above) and other required details. Click "Save and continue" to begin the installation process.
7. On the next page configure your site information filling the respective fields and click "Save and continue."
8. And here is your site. Now you can start replacing the sample content with your own.