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Advent of Code Golf 2019

tl;dr same setup as last year. Let's see when I burn out.

This repository contains golfed solutions to Advent of Code 2019 in my personal golfing programming language, Paradoc, version 0.5.

(These are not the solutions I compete on the leaderboard with; I think there are enough repos with such solutions and my solutions wouldn't be that different. I have also not been careful about preserving my code for level 1 before doing level 2 of each day.)

I could obviously cheat at golf by adding built-ins to Paradoc tailored to each challenge after seeing it, so my programs here ought to run on Paradoc version 0.5, which was pushed just before this year's Advent of Code. I will be using the results here to guide improving Paradoc in the future, though.

Note on byte count: Like a lot of the other golfing languages seen on the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf StackExchange, the byte counts here assume programs were encoded in the Paradoc code page. These programs will almost always take up more than the stated byte count as UTF-8 strings, and for the sake of easy viewability, they are UTF-8 encoded below and in the programs in this repository.

Day-Level Bytes Code
1-1 7 v]3÷v«š
1-2 14 v]{3÷«0Ã}Iv»mŠ
2-1 48 iIgHr2:�12HudHL,4/εHt(3%"Q+*"=S{)\Ht~}uPdHu};sHq
2-2 66 iIg–Ak{•Hr1h‰‡J¨~HudHL,4/εHt(3%"Q+*"=S{)\Ht~}uPdHu};sHq19690720=}=
3-1 35 l{","/µ(17:)‡{|3%(}y\I°~}Ás}d&LwŠmŒ
3-2 43 l{","/µ(17:)‡{|3%(}y\I°~}ÁsJ›ø›m}d+›ø»f‹šmŒ
4-1 15 iIg~M…Sm$pfÛ_-L
4-2 19 iIg~M…Sm$pf{GLm2#}ç
5-1 92 iIgHr{\H=b|}—G{•)+vHt}—T{\ABD0+3T)Gzu\a~Hu4}—O0λ·H=1h‰9%[E_Š_ObÞ_Ob{1T~Ho2}{1T~G:P_&2}]=~•+}
5-2 127 iIgHr{\H=b|}—G{•)+vHt}—T{\ABD0+3T)Gzu\a~Hu•4+}—O{ABD0+2TGz~•3+}—J0λ·H=1h‰9%[E_Š_ObÞ_Ob{1T~5Hu•»}{1T~GP•»}{J?}{J\?}<p_ObÎ_Ob]=~}
6-1 22 l]")"/vÐDc–•k•z_IvLm«š
6-2 31 l]")"/vÐDc–"YOU SAN"W•z_Iv¨ØÛç«
7 - punted
8-1 17 l150/'0#bœ"12"#yÞ
8-2 19 l5Ú150/™ gm',Á25/Pe
9 - punted
10-1 29 l¬µÔ_,Y‡v~}:{{À:~GL1ÃÒ}vÊð}yÆ
10-2 - punted
11 - punted
12-1 45 l]µIg:0Ó‡}1kχ:{‹m~u:au{¯U}zyÁeÁk‡D¸}v}{LšmÞ}š
12-2 - punted
13 - punted
14-1 65 l]{φ44-}SW}m"FUEL"Ho{::¨{\›#Î}b=†q-u)H=M\)I\u÷M\2÷{~\iI*Hm}y;}CHÆ
14-2 94 l]{φ44-}SW}m–Aý040χ+k2÷:"FUEL"\Hu•{::¨{\›#Î}b=†q-u)H=M\)I\u÷M\2÷{~\iI*Hm}y;}C;HjÆCý>{\a;}¸_?}¸


let's see how long it takes before I burn out this time







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