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PyOpenCL Bitcoin Miner
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Custom Miner for XKCD Bitcoin Pool

Example Usage:

python --user=<username> --pass=<password> --host= --port=8332 -d0 -f3 -s120 -r0.5
	-d<Device ID> : Device
		Usually 0 (unless you want to mine your CPU and GPU)
	-f<Frames>    : Primary Frames   (works on GPU only) ***DON'T SET BELOW 3!***
		Set lower for more mining performance, or higher for less display lag.
	-s<Frames>    : Secondary Frames (works on GPU only) ***DON'T SET BELOW 3!***
		Press Ctrl+C to switch between primary (-f) and seconday (-l).
	-r<Seconds>   : Hashrate Update Interval
		1 is the default (meaning it updates every second). 
		0.5 (twice every second) is what I use, but it's up to preference.

Press Ctrl+C to change between primary and secondary frames.
Press Ctrl+\ to exit.
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