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=== Version 0.5.7 2011-08-12
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Extracted Mongoid support into a separate gem (carrierwave-mongoid) [jnicklas]
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Remove ImageScience support due to lack maintenance and 1.9.2 compatibility [jnicklas]
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Combine delete_tmp_file_after_storage and delete_cache_id_after_storage options [bensie]
* [changed] Cached and then remote-uploaded file will no longer have a content_type, please use CarrierWave::MimeTypes processor instead [trevorturk]
* [changed] Allow writing over a previously assigned file when retrieving a remote file [Florent2]
* [fixed] Fixed exception when nested or double-embedded Mongoid documents are saved [potatosalad]
* [fixed] Fixed that store! can call process! twice [gzigzigzeo]
* [fixed] Performance enhancements by reducing use of rescue [jamescook]
=== Version 0.5.6 2011-07-12
* [fixed] Remove cache file and directories after storing [scottwb]
* [fixed] Add missing active_support/deprecation require [trevorturk]
* [fixed] Remove redundant requires of sequel and datamapper [solnic]
* [fixed] Running tests with REMOTE=true [geemus]
=== Version 0.5.5 2011-07-09
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Extracted DataMapper support into a separate gem (carrierwave-datamapper) [jnicklas]
* [BREAKING CHANGE] Extracted Sequel support into a separate gem (carrierwave-sequel) [jnicklas]
* [changed] Don't downcase filenames by default [bensie]
* [changed] Orm mount modules default uploader to nil [jnicklas]
* [changed] Remove alias_method :blank? from SanitizedFile to for performance re: issue #298 [trevorturk]
* [added] Conditional processing of versions [gucki]
* [added] Remove Remove previously stored files after Active Record mounted uploader update re: issue #75 [trevorturk]
* [added] Remove Remove previously stored files after Mongoid mounted uploader update re: issue #75 [did]
* [added] Added _identifier to retrieve identifier/filename [jnicklas]
* [added] clean_cached_files! clears all files older than 24 hours by default, but time frame can now be customized [cover]
* [added] Versions now implement an enable_processing method which uses the parent when no value is set [mariovisic]
* [added] Delete cache_id garbage dirs, closes GH issue #338 [clyfe]
* [added] Added CarrierWave::MimeTypes processor for more advanced content-type guessing [JangoSteve]
* [fixed] Active Record's will_change! method works when mount_on option is used [indrekj]
* [fixed] Fixed problem with accepting URL uploads when the URL was already escaped [cover]
* [fixed] Fixed ability to override sanitize_regexp [trevorturk]
* [fixed] Fix that cached and then remote-uploaded file should have content_type [trevorturk]
* [fixed] Fix validates_size/length_of in Rails 3.0.6 and above, closes #342 [bensie]
* [fixed] Various Active Support compatibility updates [slbug, bensie, et al]
=== Version 0.5.4 2011-05-18
* [changed] Fog: Performance enhancements for AWS and Google [geemus]
* [changed] Fog: Try to use subdomain public url on s3 [geemus]
* [changed] Memoize CarrierWave::Mounter#option for increased performance [ingemar]
* [changed] Relax development gem dependency versions where possible and fix tests [trevorturk]
* [changed] Upgrade to RSpec 2 [jnicklas]
=== Version 0.5.3 2011-03-22
* [changed] Cloud Files storage so delete and url return nil if object not found instead of exception [minter]
* [added] New fog storage provider that supports Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, and Google Storare for Developers [geemus]
* [added] cloud_files_auth_url and cloud_files_snet config options for Cloud Files [minter]
* [added] process_uri method that can be overridden in your uploader to support downloads from non-standard urls [trevorturk]
* [added] version urls to json output [karb]
* [added] Active Record marks uploader column as changed when changed [josevalim]
* [fixed] Cloud Files storage tests to use the new url format [minter]
* [fixed] Moved raising of FormNotMultipart farther down to avoid errors with nested attribute forms [trevorturk]
* [fixed] original_filename of remote uploads should be calculated from final (possibly redirected) URL [brady8]
* [fixed] Fix calling :process! on files stored in remote solutions [alexcrichton]
* [fixed] Fix paperclip compatibility mappings [valakirka]
* [fixed] Ensure temporary files can be deleted on Windows [Eleo]
=== Version 0.5.2 2011-02-18
* [changed] Require active_support/core_ext/string/multibyte to fix downcasing unicode filenames during sanitizing [nashbridges]
* [changed] Use fog ~> 0.4, -> => 'AWS') [trevorturk]
* [changed] Use class_attribute (inheritable attributes are deprecated) [stephencelis]
* [changed] extension_white_list no longer supports a single string, only an array of strings and/or Regexps [trevorturk]
* [changed] Rackspace Cloud Files: only create container if container does not exist [edmundsalvacion]
* [changed] GridFS: the path returned is no longer always nil, it is now the path in GridFS [alexcrichton]
* [added] Ability to specify a Regexp in the extension_white_list [lwe]
* [added] CarrierWave::SanitizedFile#sanitize_regexp public method to allow customizing [trevorturk]
* [added] sanitize_regexp documentation to the README [nashbridges]
* [added] Ability to use https for Amazon S3 URLs if config.s3_use_ssl is true [recruitmilitary]
* [added] The s3_region configuration documentation to the README [mrsimo]
* [fixed] Reprocessing remotely stored files [alexcrichton]
* [fixed] Nested versioning processing [alexcrichton]
* [fixed] An intermittent bug with ImageScience resize_to_fill method [LupineDev]
* [fixed] DataMapper#save should remove the avatar if remove_avatar? returns true [wprater]
=== Version 0.5.1 2010-12-01
* [changed] s3_access renamed to s3_access_policy [Jonas Nicklas]
* [changed] Depend on activesupport ~> 3.0 for Rails 3.1 compatibility [Trevor Turk]
* [changed] Use fog >= 0.3.0, fix deprecation warnings [Paul Elliott]
* [changed] Use mini_magick ~> 2.3, MiniMagick::Image.from_file becomes [Fredrik Björk]
* [changed] Convert generic MiniMagick::Invalid into ProcessingError [Alex Crichton]
* [changed] Remove cached tmp file after storing for file store [Damien Mathieu]
* [added] s3_region config option to set AWS S3 region [Roger Campos]
* [added] Option to retain cached tmp file after storage (delete_tmp_file_after_storage) [Damien Mathieu]
* [added] Transparent support for authenticated_read on S3 [Jonas Nicklas]
* [fixed] Clean up internal require statements [Josh Kalderimis]
* [fixed] Header support for S3 [Alex Crichton]
* [fixed] Stack level too deep errors when using to_json [Trevor Turk]
* [fixed] Documentation for mount_uploader [Nathan Kleyn]
=== Version 0.5 2010-09-23
* [changed] Use ActiveModel instead of ActiveRecord validations to support Mongoid validations as well [Jeroen van Dijk, saberma]
* [changed] Support S3 file storage with the fog gem, instead of the aws gem (Trevor Turk)
* [changed] Move translations to a YAML file (Josh Kalderimis)
* [changed] Depend on activesupport ~> 3.0.0 instead of >= 3.0.0.rc (Trevor Turk)
* [changed] Remove old Merb and Rails generators, support Rails 3 generators (Jonas Nicklas, Trevor Turk)
* [changed] Replace Net::HTTP with open-url for remote file downloads (icebreaker)
* [changed] Move translations to a YAML file (Josh Kalderimis)
* [changed] Use gemspec to generate Gemfile contents (Jonas Nicklas)
* [added] Add file size support for S3 storage (Pavel Chipiga)
* [added] Add option for disabling multipart form check (Dennis Blöte)
* [fixed] Correct naming of validators (Josh Kalderimis)
* [fixed] Fix remote file downloader (Jonas Nicklas)
* [fixed] Escape URLs passed to remote file downloader so URLs with spaces work (Mauricio Zaffari)
* [fixed] Correct filename used in generators (Fred Wu)
=== Version 0.4.6 2010-07-20
* [removed] Support for MongoMapper, see:
* [changed] AWS support now uses the aws gem, instead of using aws-s3 or right-aws as previously
* [added] cloud_files_cdn_host for Cloudfiles for performance gain
* [added] #recreate_versions! to recreate versions from base file
* [added] Support for MiniMagick in RSpec matchers
* [added] RMagick's #resize_to_fill now takes an optional Gravity
* [fixed] Pass through options to to_json
* [fixed] Support new GridFS syntax for lates mongo gem
* [fixed] Validation errors are internationalized when the error is thrown, not on load
* [fixed] Rescue correct MiniMagick error
* [fixed] Support DataMapper 1.0
* [fixed] SanitizedFile#copy_to preserves content_type. Should fix GridFS content type not being set.
=== Version 0.4.5 2010-02-20
* [added] Support for Rackspace Cloudfiles
* [added] GridFS now accepts a port
* [fixed] s3_headers is now properly initialized
* [fixed] work around DataMapper's patching of core method
=== Version 0.4.4 2010-01-31
* [added] Support for downloading remote files
* [added] CarrierWave.clean_cached_files! to remove old cached files
* [added] Option to set headers for S3
* [added] GridStore now has authentication
* [fixed] Rmagick convert method now does what it says
* [fixed] Content type is stored on GridStore and Amazon S3
* [fixed] Metadata is no longer broken for S3
=== Version 0.4.3 2009-12-19
* [fixed] cnamed URLs on S3 no longer have a third slash after http
* [fixed] fixed deprecation warnings on Rails 2.3.5
=== Version 0.4.2 2009-11-26
* [added] RightAWS as an alternative S3 implementation
* [added] An option to enable/disable processing for tests
* [added] Mongoid ORM support
* [fixed] DataMapper now works both with and without dm-validations
=== Version 0.4.1 2009-10-26
* [changed] Major changes to the ImageScience module, it actually works now!
* [fixed] Bug in configuration where it complais that it can't dup Symbol
* [removed] Support for Sequel < 2.12
* [removed] `crop_resized` and `resize` aliases in RMagick, use `resize_to_fill` and `resize_to_fit` respectively
=== Version 0.4.0 2009-10-12
* [changed] the `public` option has been renamed `root` and the old `root` option was removed. No more ambiguity.
* [changed] Major *breaking* changes to the configuration syntax.
* [removed] support for `default_path`
* [removed] the `cache_to_cache_dir` option
* [removed] storage no longer calls `setup!` on storage engines
* [added] Support for MongoDB's GridFS store
=== Version 0.3.4 2009-09-01
* [added] `default_url` as a replacement for `default_path`
* [deprecated] `default_path` is deprecated
=== Version 0.3.4 2009-08-31
* [fixed] Deleting no longer causes TypeError in MongoMapper
=== Version 0.3.3 2009-08-29
* [added] Support for MongoMapper
* [added] Support for CNamed Bucket URLs for Amazon S3
=== Version 0.3.2 2009-07-18
Incremental upgrade
* [added] Ruby 1.9 compatibility
* [changed] Added Object#blank? implementation into CarrierWave, which removes any dpendencies on external libraries (extlib/activesupport)
* [fixed] Performance issues with S3 support
* [fixed] Sequel support for newer verions of Sequel (thanks Pavel!)
=== Version 0.3.1 2009-07-01
A bugfix release. Drop in compatible with 0.3.0.
* [fixed] Saving a record with a mounted Uploader no longer removes uploaded file
* [fixed] The file returned by S3 storage now has the path set to the full store path
* [added] File returned by S3 storage now responds to S3 specific methods
=== 0.3 2009-06-20
This is a stabilization release. Most features are now working as expected and
most bugs should be fixed.
* [changed] Reworked how storage engines work, some internal API changes
* [added] Macro-like methods for RMagick, no need to call #process any more!
* [added] Ability to super to any Mount method
* [fixed] Sequel support should now work as expected
* [fixed] ActiveRecord no longer saves the record twice
* [added] Added convenient macro style class methods to rmagick processing
=== 0.2.4 2009-06-11
* [added] `resize_to_limit` method for rmagick
* [added] Now deletes files from Amazon S3 when record is destroyed
=== 0.2.3 2009-05-13
* [changed] Mount now no longer returns nil if there is no stored file, it returns a blank uploader instead
* [added] Possibility to specify a default path
* [added] Paperclip compatibility module
=== 0.2.1 2009-05-01
* [changed] Url method now optionally takes versions as parameters (like Paperclip)
* [added] A field which allows files to be removed with a checkbox in mount
* [added] Mount_on option for Mount, to be able to override the serialization column
* [added] Added demeter friendly column_url method to Mount
* [added] Option to not copy files to cache dir, to prevent writes on read only fs systems (this is a workaround and needs a better solution)
=== 0.2 2009-04-15
* [changed] The version is no longer stored in the store dir. This will break the paths for files uploaded with 0.1
* [changed] CarrierWave::Uploader is now a module, not a class, so you need to include it, not inherit from it.
* [added] integrity checking in uploaders via a white list of extensions
* [added] Validations for integrity and processing in ActiveRecord, activated by default
* [added] Support for nested versions
* [added] Permissions option to set the permissions of the uploaded files
* [added] Support for Sequel
* [added] CarrierWave::Uploader#read to read the contents of the uploaded files
=== 0.1 2009-03-12
This is a very experimental release that has not been well tested. All of the major features are in place though. Please note that there currently is a bug with load paths in Merb, which means you need to manually require uploaders.