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# Version 1.3.1
* Fix polymorphic_belongs_to to get the parent
* Addes support for Rails 3.2
* Addes support to responders >= 0.6.0
# Version 1.3.0
* Added support for multiple polymorphic optional nesting
* Fix nested namespace in mountable apps
* Added support for rails 3.1 new mass assignment conventions
* Turn InheritedResources::Base into a reloadable constant to fix reloading issues
# Version 1.2.2
* Fix a bug in params parsing
* Call .scoped only if it is available
# Version 1.2.1
* Fix a bug with namespaces
* Use Post.scoped instead of Post.all in collection
# Version 1.2
* Improved lookup for namespaces (by
* Support to custom actions (by
* Rails 3.1 compatibility (by
# Version 1.1
* Rails 3 compatible
# Version 1.0
* responders was removed from InheritedResources core and is a dependency. To install it, please do:
sudo gem install responders
* has_scope was removed from InheritedResources core and is now available as a standalone gem.
To install it, please do:
sudo gem install has_scope
# Version 0.9
* Allow dual blocks in destroy;
* Added :if and :unless to has_scope (thanks to Jack Danger);
* Added create_resource, update_resource and delete_resource hooks (thanks to Carlos Antonio da Silva);
* Backported ActionController::Responder from Rails 3;
* Added parent_url helper;
* Added association_chain helper (as suggested by;
# Version 0.8
* Fixed a small bug on optional belongs to with namespaced controllers.
* Allow a parameter to be given to collection_url in polymorphic cases to replace
the parent.
* Allow InheritedResources to be called without inheritance.
* Ensure that controllers that inherit from a controller with InheritedResources
works properly.
# Version 0.7
* Allow procs as default value in has scope to be able to use values from session, for example.
* Allow blocks with arity 0 or -1 to be given as the redirect url:
def destroy
destroy!{ project_url(@project) }
* Allow interpolation_options to be set in the application controller.
* Added has_scope to controller (an interface for named_scopes).
* Added polymorphic_belongs_to, optional_belongs_to and singleton_belongs_to
as quick methods.
* Only load belongs_to, singleton and polymorphic helpers if they are actually
required. base_helpers, class_methods, dumb_responder and url_helpers are loaded
when you inherited from base for the first time.
# Version 0.6
* Ensure that the default template is not rendered if the default_template_format
is not accepted. This is somehow related with the security breach report:
IR forbids based on mime types. For example: respond_to :html, :except => :index
ensures that the index.html.erb view is not rendered, making your IR controllers
* Fixed a bug that happens only when format.xml is given to blocks and then it
acts as default, instead of format.html.
* Fixed a strange bug where when you have create.html.erb or update.html.erb,
it makes IE6 and IE7 return unprocessable entity (because they send Mime::ALL).
* Stop rescueing any error when constantizing the resource class and allow
route_prefix to be nil.
* Cleaned up tests and responder structure. Whenever you pass a block to aliases
and this block responds to the request, the other blocks are not parsed improving performance.
* [BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE] By default, Inherited Resources respond only :html requests.
* Added a quick way to overwrite the redirect to url in :create, :update and :destroy.
# Version 0.5
* Decoupled routes name from :instance_name and :collection_name. This way we
have more flexibility. Use route_instance_name and route_collection_name to
to change routes.
* Avoid calling human_name on nil when a resource class is not defined.
* Only call I18n if it's defined.
# Version 0.4
* Dealing with namespaced controllers out of the box.
* Added support to namespaced routes through :route_prefix.
* Added fix when resource_url is not defined.
* Added better handling for namespaced controllers.
* Added flash messages scoped by namespaced controllers.
* Deprecated {{resource}} in I18n, use {{resource_name}} instead.
* rspec bug fix is not automatically required anymore. User has to do it
* Added a file which fix a rspec bug when render is called inside a method
which receives a block.
* parent? does not take begin_of_association_chain into account anymore
* Added options to url helpers.
* Added :optional to belongs_to associations. It allows you to deal with
categories/1/products/2 and /products/2 with just one controller.
* Cleaned up tests.
# Version 0.3
* Minor bump after three bug fixes.
* Bug fix when showing warning of constant redefinition.
* Bug fix with ApplicationController not being unloaded properly on development.
* Bug fix when having root singleton resources. Calling collection_url would
raise "NoMethodError _url", not it will call root_url.
* More comments on UrlHelpers.
# Version 0.2
* Bug fix when ApplicationController is already loaded when we load respond_to.
* Added support success/failure blocks.
* Eager loading of files to work properly in multithreaded environments.
# Version 0.1
* Added more helper_methods.
* Added Rails 2.3.0 and changed tests to work with ActionController::TestCase.
* First release. Support to I18n, singleton controllers, polymorphic
controllers, belongs_to, nested_belongs_to and url helpers.