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##Initial Setup

  • Add Landing Page
  • Add Campgrounds Page that lists all campgrounds

Each Campground has:

  • Name
  • Image

#Layout and Basic Styling

  • Create our header and footer partials
  • Add in Bootstrap

#Creating New Campgrounds

  • Setup new campground POST route
  • Add in body-parser
  • Setup route to show form
  • Add basic unstyled form

#Style the campgrounds page

  • Add a better header/title
  • Make campgrounds display in a grid

#Style the Navbar and Form

  • Add a navbar to all templates
  • Style the new campground form

#Add Mongoose

  • Install and configure Mongoose
  • Setup campground model
  • Use campground model inside of our routes

#Show Page

  • Review the RESTful routes we've seen so far
  • Add description to our campground model
  • Show db.collection.drop()
  • Add a show route/template

#Refactor Mongoose Code

  • Create a models directory
  • Use module.exports
  • Require everything correctly!

#Add Seeds File

  • Add a seeds.js file
  • Run the seeds file every time the server starts

#Add the Comment model!

  • Make our errors go away!
  • Display comments on campground show page

#Comment New/Create

  • Discuss nested routes
  • Add the comment new and create routes
  • Add the new comment form

#Style Show Page

  • Add sidebar to show page
  • Display comments nicely

#Finish Styling Show Page

  • Add public directory
  • Add custom stylesheet


name url verb desc.

INDEX /dogs GET Display a list of all dogs NEW /dogs/new GET Displays form to make a new dog CREATE /dogs POST Add new dog to DB SHOW /dogs/:id GET Shows info about one dog

INDEX /campgrounds NEW /campgrounds/new CREATE /campgrounds SHOW /campgrounds/:id

NEW campgrounds/:id/comments/new GET CREATE campgrounds/:id/comments POST

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