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World Cup Lottery

To run the lottery, make sure you are on a Unix system with Python 2.7 installed.

First, clone this repository by running:

git clone

Navigate into the repository and run the following command with the correct seed generated by our smart contract. Instructions on how to generate the seed can be found here. The block we will use is block number 3663000, which had not been mined at the time this commit was made.

python 24193288098091002294567307434843293170575355081119935398718379646624234869388 > winners.json

The winners.json file should now contain the results of the lottery. To check that your generated result matches ours, simply run:

cat winners.json | md5sum

The output should be: 29a99ae090e9dc42f72d7156d07ab7b0


1 000 000 BETHER prize winner is thanglv91, congratulations!

The following people won the 10 000 BETHER prize: manhlong, RavenDj, Rustem, GIAHUNG, phenerlee, luaanh, 12serg84, laomaneki, drakejake, chamolapik, femdelak, duongquan4984, Ptilou, nasroza3, nagacrypto, dmitrykarra, HungHuy, Billionaireking, Exe, shakumaster, modric, BHDOTCOM, Lampard14, flik8888, tomategrande, cha_mil, heartkiller, giangnttinkm, Javor15, Spack83, naryojosgandos, Marcel, Viliam, alois, Italiajin, Dabdoub, mhrascan, Pappilo, Lerich1, charity, ArtemNavi, dabarry, moka, izideve, Crypto_opium, sathebm, ThanhTuan, Grace06, Galileo, Vajrus

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