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Interestings App

Interestings is a place you can find news and interesting things going on in the world. It brings online sources into one place so you can easily search by category, direct source, or get curious and look through a timeline of multiple sources to see what's happening right now.

Motivation (why you made it)

My motivation for creating this app was seeing how little knowledge my peers and I appear to have about things that are happening in both the world and in our community. I think many people avoid the 'news' because they find it depressing, only highlighting unfortunate events or politics. I believe there is so much more out there to discover than what's highlighted on major news networks and I hope that with the ability to search for news in a different way, people will find stories and topics they find interesting, uplifting and inspiring.

Where to find the deployed app

The app is deployed and ready to use! Check it out


Screenshots can be found in the above screenshots folder

Link to walkthrough video

A video walking through how the app works can be found here

What API's you used

For this project I used the News API

Features of the web app

A few features of this app include: *Ability to search for online sources by category *Ability to search a specific online source for all top stories *Ability to scroll through a newsfeed when looking for a general update (no specific source or category of interest) *Share an interesting article or source to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Stay curious!


Q1 Project - Web app that generates news + interesting things going on in the world



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