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References about vRealize Operations Manager from community
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A List of Awesome vROps Resources from Community

** vROps 8.0 release is officially available **

Before begin...
Welcome! This is my first experience with this type of project. Therefore, I count on your contribution, making this repository useful for the community. If there is any mistake regarding the information, please feel free to submit corrections or new contributions. Here's how to contribute

Product Information (English) (Portuguese)

Download and try

VROps versions and Release Notes (English) (Portuguese)

vROps Release Notes 6.7
vROps Release Notes 7.0
vROps Release Notes 7.5
vROps Release Notes 8.0

Brazilian Telegram group

Product Datasheet

About Definitions for Metrics, Properties, and Alerts
Version 7.0
Version 7.5

Product Walktour

VMware Technical Network (VMTN)


Blog VMware
Cameron Fore
Christopher Mitchell
Eran Maor
Graham Barker
Iwan Rahabok
John Dias
Lan Nguyen
Lior Kamrat
Matt Bradford
Mayur Paramar
Paolo Valsecchi
Priscilla Rega (Portuguese)
Rick Verstegen
Sajal Debnath
Samuel Nunes
Steve Tilkens
Sunny Dua
Suraj Rawat
Thom Greene
Vineeth A C
Wesley Martins (Portuguese)

From GitHub
Brandon Gordon
Brock Peterson
John Dias
Pontus Rydin
Tim Carman

Dashboard and Super Metrics Samples
VMware Code

Management Packs

Youtube Channels

VMware Tech Pubs
VMware Cloud Management

Books and eBooks

VMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management - Iwan 'e1' Rahabok
Mastering vRealize Operations Manager - Scott Norris e Christopher Slater

VMware Education

Learning Zone and Practical Labs


Twitter List
Brandon Gordon @ImNotoriousBDG
David Davis @DavidMDavis
David overbeek @davidoverbeek
Graham Barker @virtualg_uk
Iwan 'e1' rahabok @e1_ang
John Dias @johnddias
Lan Nguyen @LanVMware
Luciano Gomes @lucgovmw
Matt Bradford @VMSpot
Michael Ryom @MichaelRyom
Priscilla Rega @PriscillaRega
Rick Verstegen @VerstegenRick
Samuel Nunes @Samuel_SPI
Steve Tilkens @stevetilkens
Thom Greene @tbgree00
Sajal Debnath @sajal_debnath
Sunny Dua @Sunny_Dua
Suraj Rawat @RawatSuraj89
Vineeth A C @Vineethac
vMusketeers @vMusketeers

vExpert Cloud Management Directory 2019

Name Profile
Abdulaziz Radwan
Abhilash HB
Alain Geenrits
Anastasis Xouzafeiris
Anderson Duboc
Batuhan Demirdal
Britton Johnson
Chi Kin Wu
Chris Horning
Christian Mohn
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Mitchell
CloudPanda Blogs
Cory Barker
Dan Kahl
David Davis
David Ring
Dimitri de Swart
Ebrahim Aldesouky
Eddie Kwok
Edgar Carvalho
Elizabeth Souza
Eric Stacey
Erik Verbruggen
Graham Barker
Henry Heres
Hernan Paggi
Jack Benney
Jason Meers
Jeffrey Kusters
Jon Waite
Kai Scharwies
Karthic Kumar
Kerem Sugle
Lukas Winn
Manny Sidhu
Marc De Grasse
Markus Kraus
Martijn Smit
Matt Menkowski
Michael Fleisher
Michael Ryom
Munishpal Makhija
Myint Htay Aung
Onur Can
Piotr Masztafiak
Prashant Rangi
Raul Gamez Gamez
Ravi Verma
Rick Verstegen
Russel Hamker
Sajal Debnath
Samuel Nunes
Saurabh Chandratre
Scott Norris
Sebastian Grugel
Siddharth Naik
Simon Eady
Steve Flanders
Steven Onofaro
Steve Tilkens
Suraj Rawat
Terkel Olsen
Tim Williams
Viktor van den Berg
Yuki Kawamitsu
Yves Sandfort

Some VMworld 2019 Sessions Videos

Session Name Stream Download
HBO1180BU The Big Ticket: What’s New in vRealize Operations Stream PDF
HBO3090BU Game of Clouds E3: The Magic and the Reality of Self Driving Operations Stream No PDF Available
BCA1181BU Monitor All the Things: Application Monitoring with vRealize Operations Stream PDF
HBO1094BU Best Practices for vRealize Operations Workload Optimization Stream PDF
HBO1136BU It's Not 2005 Anymore: Stop Using Excel for Capacity Management Stream PDF
HCI1210BU Current and Future of vSAN Operations with vRealize Operations Stream No PDF Available
HCI1650BU Optimize vSAN performance using vRealize Operations and Reinforcement Learning Stream No PDF Available
HBO1183BU Introducing vRealize Operations as a Service Stream PDF
HBO1139BU You Get a Cloud and You Get a Cloud: Monitoring with vRealize Operations Stream PDF
HCI1339BU vSAN Administration Optimized Through vRealize Operations and Log Insight Stream PDF
HBO1138BU Yes, Mr. CFO, IT Is Expensive — Understand Why with vRealize Operations Stream PDF

More Contributions
3 High-Value Reasons to use vRealize Operations Manager
Which metric to use for monitoring memory?
Postman Client Collection for vRealize Operations REST APIs
Getting started with PowerCLI for vRealize Operations (vR OPs)

How to collaborate

Your contribution is very important to keep this repository active and up to date. Every contribution will be most welcome. Use GitHub issues to propose changes to this repository. The community thanks you for your contribution.

How to contribute

Through Pull Requests (PR) you can contribute. But first, use the Github issue to discuss proposed changes.
You can send message to me with any additions, suggesyions on Twitter @bethcsouza

Thank you to help and share this project with the community!

Thanks for help
I'd like to say thanks to all that helped to keep this repository. Special thanks for encourage to start this project.

Valdecir Carvalho
Luciano Gomes
Priscilla Rega

The authors and contributors to this content cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. Please make sure that you understand that the information provided here is being provided freely, and that no kind of agreement or contract is created between you and any persons associated with this content or project. The authors and contributors do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions in the information contained in, associated with, or linked from this content, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

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