Lisk Node Monitoring with Zabbix
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This is a basic template to get info from your LISK node.

Monitoring information by now:

  • Api: Approval Percentage
  • Api: Delegate Rank
  • Api: Forging Status
  • Api: Missed Blocks
  • Api: Node Productivity
  • Api: Produced Blocks
  • Api: Status Sync [Blocks]
  • Api: Status Sync [Height]
  • Log: Received New Block (timestamped blocks from app.log)
  • Log: Fork Detected (logs.log)
  • Log: Forged New Block (logs.log)
  • Log: Failed Generate Block (logs.log)
  • Log: Failed Common Block (logs.log)
  • Process: Memory Usage
  • Process: Lisk Status
  • Cluster: Forging Enabled (aggregated check)
  • Stats: Avg Blocks Per Minute
  • Trigger: Api: Missed Block on {HOST.NAME}
  • Trigger: Cluster: Forging Nodes > 1
  • Trigger: Log: Failed Generate Block on {HOST.NAME}
  • Trigger: Log: Fork Detected on {HOST.NAME}
  • Trigger: Process: Lisk is not running on {HOST.NAME}
  • Trigger: Stats: Lisk Block Height on {HOST.NAME} is unchanged for last 10 minutes


  • Better included graphs and a extend monitoring screen
  • What else?

Installation on a Zabbix Client

Copy userparameter_lisk.conf to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/ - userparameter_lisk.conf must be updated if you want to use a different port than port 8000

Restart the zabbix-agent

Installation in the Zabbix Server

In your Zabbix frontend: Configuration-Templates section, Import bottom in the right.

Choose the XML file (for server installation: lisk_zabbix_template.xml) and import it.

Apply this new template to your LISK servers.

Template Config

From your Zabbix Template view click on the "Template App Lisk Service"

Go to the Macros section and fill in the details where needed

  • {$LISK.ADDRESS} <- Your Lisk address from your Forging account
  • {$LISK.APPLOG} <- Location of your Lisk app.log on your node
  • {$LISK.FORGING} <- Used for aggregated check # nodes forging enabled (dont change!)
  • {$LISK.LOG} <- Location of your Lisk logs.log on your node
  • {$LISK.PORT} <- The port LISK is running on (default 8000 for mainnet)
  • {$LISK.PUBLICKEY} <- Your Lisk publicKey from your Forging account
  • {$ZABBIX.GROUP} <- The zabbix groupname of your Lisk Servers

Requirements on your Lisk node

Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian

sudo apt-get install jq

RHEL / CentOS / Fedora

sudo yum install jq