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            ____  _____    __  ___                   ___    ____  ____
           / __ \/ ___/   /  |/  /___ _   _____     /   |  / __ \/  _/
          / /_/ /\__ \   / /|_/ / __ \ | / / _ \   / /| | / /_/ // /
         / ____/___/ /  / /  / / /_/ / |/ /  __/  / ___ |/ ____// /
        /_/    /____/  /_/  /_/\____/|___/\___/  /_/  |_/_/   /___/


The PS Move API is an open source[1] library for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
to access the Sony Move Motion Controller via Bluetooth and USB directly from
your PC without the need for a PS3. Tracking in 3D space is possible using a
PS Eye (on Linux and Windows), an iSight camera (on Mac OS X) or any other
suitable camera source.

The PS Move API is used as the library implementation of the MoveOnPC[2]
project, and has successfully participated in Google Summer of Code 2012[3].
Detailed documentation can be found in my master's thesis[4] about sensor

Core Features

 * Pairing of Bluetooth controllers via USB
 * Setting LEDs and rumble via USB and Bluetooth
 * Reading inertial sensors and buttons via Bluetooth
 * Tracking up to 5 controllers in 3D space via OpenCV
 * 3D orientation tracking via an open source AHRS algorithm
 * Sensor fusion for augmented and virtual reality applications

Supported Languages

 * Core library written in C for portability and performance
 * SWIG-based bindings for Python, Java, Processing and C#

Need Help?

 * Free community-based support via the PS Move Mailing List[5]
 * Professional support and custom development upon request[6]

Building and Installation

 * See the INSTALL and README.* files for details on building and
   installing the PS Move API on your system
 * Build scripts that we use for building binary releases can be found
   in the contrib/ folder
 * A debian/ folder is provided for building .deb packages
 * Contributions (.spec files, etc..) for other distributions welcome

Hacking the Source

 * See the LAYOUT file for information on how the source tree is laid out
 * Coding style: No strict rules; keep consistent with the surrounding code
 * Patches should be submitted on Github as pull request[7]
 * Bug reports and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker[8]

Environment Variables


     If set, this is the camera that will be used when using
     psmove_tracker_new() instead of using auto-detection

   Example: export PSMOVE_TRACKER_CAMERA=2  # Will use the 3rd camera


     If set, this will use a video file to playback instead of
     capturing from a camera. Any camera settings are ignored.

   Example: export PSMOVE_TRACKER_FILENAME=demo.avi # Will play demo.avi


     If set, this controls the size of the biggest (initial) ROI that will
     be used to track the controller. Bigger means slower in general, but
     recovery from tracking loss might be faster.

   Example: export PSMOVE_TRACKER_ROI_SIZE=200


     If set, these variables control the desired size of the camera picture.

   Example: export PSMOVE_TRACKER_WIDTH=1280
            export PSMOVE_TRACKER_HEIGHT=720


The PS Move API source code is released under the terms of a Simplified
BSD-style license, the exact license text can be found in the COPYING file.

Some third party code under "external/" might be licensed under a different
license. Compiling PS Move API with these modules is optional, you can use
CMake options to configure which features you need. CMake will give you a
hint about the library licensing for your current configuration depending
on your options at configure time.

In general, all dependencies are under a MIT- or BSD-style license, with the
exception of the following dependencies:

 - Madgwick AHRS: Released under the terms of the GNU GPL
   For orientation tracking
   CMake option: PSMOVE_USE_MADGWICK_AHRS (disabled by default)

 - TUIO CPP: Released under the terms of the GNU GPL
   For the TUIO server example (only in the tuio_server binary)
   CMake option: PSMOVE_BUILD_TUIO_SERVER (disabled by default)

 - PS3EYEDriver: Released under the MIT license, parts based on GPL code
   For interfacing with the PSEye camera on OS X (only in the tracker)
   CMake option: PSMOVE_USE_PS3EYE_DRIVER (disabled by default)

When you enable the Madgwick AHRS algorithm, the resulting library can only
be used under the terms of the GNU GPL. Same with the TUIO Server, although
here only the "tuio_server" binary is affected, no the PS Move API library.

More information about the third party modules and licenses:

  - (page 51-53)
  - File "external/README" in this source tree

More Information

 * License: Simplified BSD-style license (see COPYING and "Licensing" above)
 * Maintainer: Thomas Perl <>
 * Website:
 * Git repository:
 * Mailing list: (see [5] for details)

This README file was last updated on 2012-12-12 by thp