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This project benchmarks the most popular & feature rich PHP serializers. It measures the time consumed during the serialization of an object graph and give you a report of the execution.

The result of the benchmark is directly available on travis: https://travis-ci.org/egeloen/ivory-serializer-benchmark


If you're interesting to use the project locally, follow the next steps.

Clone the project

First clone the project on on your system:

$ git clone git@github.com:egeloen/ivory-serializer-benchmark.git 

Set up the project

The most easy way to set up the project is to install Docker and Docker Composer and build the project. The configuration is shipped with a distribution environment file allowing you to customize your current user/group ID:

$ cp .env.dist .env

The most important part is the USER_ID and GROUP_ID which should match your current user/group.

Once you have configured your environment, you can build the project:

$ docker-compose build

Install dependencies

Install the dependencies via Composer:

$ docker-compose run --rm php composer install


To benchmark a single serialization, you can use:

$ docker-compose run --rm php bin/benchmark

If you want to get a more accurate value, you can use the iteration option which will run the benchmark n times and will give you the average of the executions:

$ docker-compose run --rm php bin/benchmark --iteration 100

If you want to increase the horizontal complexity of the serialization, you can use the horizontal-complexity option which represents a complexity factor:

$ docker-compose run --rm php bin/benchmark --horizontal-complexity 4

If you want to increase the vertical complexity of the serialization, you can use the vertical-complexity option which represents a complexity factor:

$ docker-compose run --rm php bin/benchmark --vertical-complexity 4

Symfony serializer isn't included in the benchmarking process by default, because it is very slow. If you'd like to benchmark also the Symfony serializer, you can use the with-symfony-serializer option:

$ docker-compose run --rm php bin/benchmark --with-symfony-serializer

PhpBench integration

All the benchmarks were also integrated with PhpBench, to provide more trustful results. You can run the benchmarks using these commands:

$ vendor/bin/phpbench run src/SerializerBenchmarks/JmsSerializerBench.php --report=aggregate --revs=10 --iterations=10 --retry-threshold=5 --dump-file=a.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpbench run src/SerializerBenchmarks/IvorySerializerBench.php --report=aggregate --revs=10 --iterations=10 --retry-threshold=5 --dump-file=b.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpbench run src/SerializerBenchmarks/BetterSerializerBench.php --report=aggregate --revs=10 --iterations=10 --retry-threshold=5 --dump-file=c.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpbench run src/SerializerBenchmarks/SymfonyGsNormSerializerBench.php --report=aggregate --revs=1 --iterations=1  --dump-file=d.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpbench run src/SerializerBenchmarks/SymfonyObjNormSerializerBench.php --report=aggregate --revs=1 --iterations=1  --dump-file=e.xml
$ vendor/bin/phpbench report --file=a.xml --file=b.xml --file=c.xml --file=d.xml --file=e.xml --report=compare


We love contributors! Ivory is an open source project. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to propose a PR!.


The Ivory Serializer is under the MIT license. For the full copyright and license information, please read the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.