betterFORM 5.0 final release

@JoernT JoernT released this Oct 10, 2014 · 35 commits to development since this release

This is the stable release of betterFORM 5. It features hundreds of detail improvements, has been tested extensively and can be considered ready for production use.

Here a list of the more prominent changes:

  • XForms sessions can now be configured to be persist to disk when a preconfigured amount of sessions was created. This dramatically improves scalability even with limited memory resources as long as disk storage is available. XForms sessions now effectively may last eternally.
  • Libraries betterFORM depends upon have been upgraded to latest versions. Most noteably now Saxon 9.4 is used.
  • An XML:db connector for eXistdb has been added.
  • Multiple MIPs on a single node are now possible
  • Model-based alerting, individual alerts for single constraint, multiple alerts per node
  • Custom MIPs
  • countless detail improvements to client-side controls