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package core
import "flag"
type Options struct {
InterfaceName *string
Gateway *string
Caplet *string
AutoStart *string
Debug *bool
Silent *bool
NoColors *bool
NoHistory *bool
PrintVersion *bool
EnvFile *string
Commands *string
CpuProfile *string
MemProfile *string
func ParseOptions() (Options, error) {
o := Options{
InterfaceName: flag.String("iface", "", "Network interface to bind to, if empty the default interface will be auto selected."),
Gateway: flag.String("gateway-override", "", "Use the provided IP address instead of the default gateway. If not specified or invalid, the default gateway will be used."),
AutoStart: flag.String("autostart", "", "Comma separated list of modules to auto start."),
Caplet: flag.String("caplet", "", "Read commands from this file and execute them in the interactive session."),
Debug: flag.Bool("debug", false, "Print debug messages."),
PrintVersion: flag.Bool("version", false, "Print the version and exit."),
Silent: flag.Bool("silent", false, "Suppress all logs which are not errors."),
NoColors: flag.Bool("no-colors", false, "Disable output color effects."),
NoHistory: flag.Bool("no-history", false, "Disable interactive session history file."),
EnvFile: flag.String("env-file", "", "Load environment variables from this file if found, set to empty to disable environment persistence."),
Commands: flag.String("eval", "", "Run one or more commands separated by ; in the interactive session, used to set variables via command line."),
CpuProfile: flag.String("cpu-profile", "", "Write cpu profile `file`."),
MemProfile: flag.String("mem-profile", "", "Write memory profile to `file`."),
return o, nil
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