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package net_sniff
import (
type SniffData map[string]interface{}
type SnifferEvent struct {
PacketTime time.Time `json:"time"`
Protocol string `json:"protocol"`
Source string `json:"from"`
Destination string `json:"to"`
Message string `json:"message"`
Data interface{} `json:"data"`
func NewSnifferEvent(t time.Time, proto string, src string, dst string, data interface{}, format string, args ...interface{}) SnifferEvent {
return SnifferEvent{
PacketTime: t,
Protocol: proto,
Source: src,
Destination: dst,
Message: fmt.Sprintf(format, args...),
Data: data,
func (e SnifferEvent) Push() {
session.I.Events.Add("net.sniff."+e.Protocol, e)
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