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// +build !windows
package network
import (
type BLECharacteristic struct {
UUID string `json:"uuid"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Handle uint16 `json:"handle"`
Properties []string `json:"properties"`
Data interface{} `json:"data"`
type BLEService struct {
UUID string `json:"uuid"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Handle uint16 `json:"handle"`
EndHandle uint16 `json:"end_handle"`
Characteristics []BLECharacteristic `json:"characteristics"`
type BLEDevice struct {
Alias string
LastSeen time.Time
DeviceName string
Vendor string
RSSI int
Device gatt.Peripheral
Advertisement *gatt.Advertisement
Services []BLEService
type bleDeviceJSON struct {
LastSeen time.Time `json:"last_seen"`
Name string `json:"name"`
MAC string `json:"mac"`
Alias string `json:"alias"`
Vendor string `json:"vendor"`
RSSI int `json:"rssi"`
Connectable bool `json:"connectable"`
Flags string `json:"flags"`
Services []BLEService `json:"services"`
func NewBLEDevice(p gatt.Peripheral, a *gatt.Advertisement, rssi int) *BLEDevice {
vendor := ManufLookup(NormalizeMac(p.ID()))
if vendor == "" && a != nil {
vendor = a.Company
return &BLEDevice{
LastSeen: time.Now(),
Device: p,
Vendor: vendor,
Advertisement: a,
RSSI: rssi,
Services: make([]BLEService, 0),
func (d *BLEDevice) Name() string {
// get the name if it's being set during services enumeration via 'Device Name'
name := d.DeviceName
if name == "" {
// get the name from the device
name := d.Device.Name()
if name == "" && d.Advertisement != nil {
// get the name from the advertisement data
name = d.Advertisement.LocalName
return name
func (d *BLEDevice) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
doc := bleDeviceJSON{
LastSeen: d.LastSeen,
Name: d.Name(),
MAC: d.Device.ID(),
Alias: d.Alias,
Vendor: d.Vendor,
Connectable: d.Advertisement.Connectable,
Flags: d.Advertisement.Flags.String(),
Services: d.Services,
return json.Marshal(doc)
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