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package session
import (
type CommandHandler struct {
Name string
Description string
Completer *readline.PrefixCompleter
Parser *regexp.Regexp
exec func(args []string, s *Session) error
func NewCommandHandler(name string, expr string, desc string, exec func(args []string, s *Session) error) CommandHandler {
return CommandHandler{
Name: name,
Description: desc,
Completer: nil,
Parser: regexp.MustCompile(expr),
exec: exec,
func (h *CommandHandler) Parse(line string) (bool, []string) {
result := h.Parser.FindStringSubmatch(line)
if len(result) == h.Parser.NumSubexp()+1 {
return true, result[1:]
} else {
return false, nil
func (h *CommandHandler) Exec(args []string, s *Session) error {
defer h.Unlock()
return h.exec(args, s)
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