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package session
import (
var flagNames = []string{
type addrJSON struct {
Address string `json:"address"`
Type string `json:"type"`
type ifaceJSON struct {
Index int `json:"index"`
MTU int `json:"mtu"`
Name string `json:"name"`
MAC string `json:"mac"`
Vendor string `json:"vendor"`
Flags []string `json:"flags"`
Addresses []addrJSON `json:"addresses"`
type resourcesJSON struct {
NumCPU int `json:"cpus"`
MaxCPU int `json:"max_cpus"`
NumGoroutine int `json:"goroutines"`
Alloc uint64 `json:"alloc"`
Sys uint64 `json:"sys"`
NumGC uint32 `json:"gcs"`
type SessionJSON struct {
Version string `json:"version"`
OS string `json:"os"`
Arch string `json:"arch"`
GoVersion string `json:"goversion"`
Resources resourcesJSON `json:"resources"`
Interfaces []ifaceJSON `json:"interfaces"`
Options core.Options `json:"options"`
Interface *network.Endpoint `json:"interface"`
Gateway *network.Endpoint `json:"gateway"`
Env *Environment `json:"env"`
Lan *network.LAN `json:"lan"`
WiFi *network.WiFi `json:"wifi"`
BLE *network.BLE `json:"ble"`
HID *network.HID `json:"hid"`
Queue *packets.Queue `json:"packets"`
StartedAt time.Time `json:"started_at"`
PolledAt time.Time `json:"polled_at"`
Active bool `json:"active"`
GPS GPS `json:"gps"`
Modules ModuleList `json:"modules"`
Caplets []*caplets.Caplet `json:"caplets"`
func (s *Session) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
var m runtime.MemStats
doc := SessionJSON{
Version: core.Version,
OS: runtime.GOOS,
Arch: runtime.GOARCH,
GoVersion: runtime.Version(),
Resources: resourcesJSON{
NumCPU: runtime.NumCPU(),
MaxCPU: runtime.GOMAXPROCS(0),
NumGoroutine: runtime.NumGoroutine(),
Alloc: m.Alloc,
Sys: m.Sys,
NumGC: m.NumGC,
Interfaces: make([]ifaceJSON, 0),
Options: s.Options,
Interface: s.Interface,
Gateway: s.Gateway,
Env: s.Env,
Lan: s.Lan,
WiFi: s.WiFi,
Queue: s.Queue,
StartedAt: s.StartedAt,
PolledAt: time.Now(),
Active: s.Active,
Modules: s.Modules,
Caplets: caplets.List(),
ifaces, err := net.Interfaces()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
for _, iface := range ifaces {
mac := network.NormalizeMac(iface.HardwareAddr.String())
ij := ifaceJSON{
Index: iface.Index,
MTU: iface.MTU,
Name: iface.Name,
MAC: mac,
Vendor: network.ManufLookup(mac),
Flags: make([]string, 0),
Addresses: make([]addrJSON, 0),
if addrs, err := iface.Addrs(); err == nil {
for _, addr := range addrs {
ij.Addresses = append(ij.Addresses, addrJSON{
Address: addr.String(),
Type: addr.Network(),
for bit, name := range flagNames {
if iface.Flags&(1<<uint(bit)) != 0 {
ij.Flags = append(ij.Flags, name)
doc.Interfaces = append(doc.Interfaces, ij)
return json.Marshal(doc)
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