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@evilsocket evilsocket released this 21 Aug 13:08
· 39 commits to master since this release


New Features

  • 81ae731 new: new -pcap-buf-size option to set a custom pcap buffer size (closes #896)
  • 59dce4c new: centralized pcap capture configuration management
  • d0ecfd4 new: updated to go 1.16
  • ef2cd00 add wifi fake authentication attack
  • c8ecaf9 add channel hopping attack
  • 58f4214 added Windows basepath to UI setup


  • d7f95dc Various changes and fixes
  • 0637451 Fix arp.spoof not sending replies
  • 6c2c0da fix: checking boundaries when parsing WPS vendor extensions (fixes #885)
  • 9404620 Support for ch177
  • daf2f94 Further tests for mapping dot11 frequencies to channels as ch177 was not discovered correctly based on freq


  • c78a67d Add DESTDIR variable
  • e9dad78 nothing but import format change
  • 9020c53 make import statement clean