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How to contribute to bamnostic

First and foremost: by contributing in this project, you agree to abide by the Contributor Covenant code of conduct

Our Promise:

The maintainers of this project promise to address each issue/question/pull request in the following manner:

  • Prompt acknowledgment of receipt of issue/question/pull request
    • Potentially assigning to a specific maintainer
  • If needed, a description of when work on a given issue has started, or an explanation of why the issues/pull request is not being addressed
  • Closing the issue upon the maintainer's determination of issue resolution.

General Questions

  • Read the documentation on the project
  • Search the GitHub Issues for this project to see if this question has already been addressed
  • If neither of these avenues answer your question, please feel free to create a new issue that has a succinct (but informative) subject line. In the body of the issue, please ask your question, including any context regarding your specific problem or inquiry.

A bad general question would look like:

"Your module will not work on my computer. How do I fix it?"

A good general question would look like:

"I am running your code on Windows 10 version 1803 in a Anaconda build of Python version 3.6. When I try to <some implementation>, I get <some error>. Here is an example of how I invoked your code: <insert code invocation>. Can you tell what is going on?"

Bug reporting

  • Ensure the bug has not been already reported:
    • Search the GitHub Issues for this project
  • If the bug has not been previously reported, feel free to open a new issue:
    • Please follow the Bug report template provided on issue creation as closely as possible

Bugfixes, patches, or documentation corrections

Any additions to the code should follow the Google Python Style Guide or NumPy Style Guide for documentation purposes.

The preferred method of contributing in the form of a pull request is to fork the latest version of the project (likely the master branch), and cloning that fork to your local machine:

git clone

Commit your changes to your fork, and submit a Pull Request

The maintainers will review your PR within a timely manner. Be aware that the maintainers may request an improvement or alternative, and also reserve the right to reject any Pull Request if it does not meet sytle or community guidelines.

A good PR should contain the following items: