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Project Blog Post Details ⇄ List


The details of a blog post of a project. The details and list view show the same data.

For clients: There is no client-scoped URL. Please use the API calls that are provided inside the client project url response to make sure you only request data that is associated with one of your projects.

URL Parameters

Parameter Example Required Description
project_id 1114 yes

Project id as an integer number ≥ 14.

id 88972 yes

Blogpost id as an integer number ≥ 9.

Response Attributes

Root Attributes

Attribute Types Example Description
id number 1

An integer number ≥ 1

created_at string "1994-11-05T13:15:30Z"

DateTime (ISO8601 with Timezone)

updated_at string "1994-11-05T13:15:30Z"

DateTime (ISO8601 with Timezone)

lang string en

Blog posts have only one language at the moment

type string BlogPost

Blogposts are always created by a user, and this field always has the value BlogPost.

title string Thank you from Beijing
body string I am so happy to hear about the first donation for the Good Gifted Garden. If I told Chun …

The body may contain html such as links, embedded videos, and picture or any of the following HTML tags: a, b, br, div, em, i, iframe, img, li, ol, p, strong, ul.

↓author string "Till B."

Display name of a user. Possible formats: "Till B.", "T. Behnke", "Till Behnke"

↑Nested Attributes: author

Attribute Types Example Description number 1

An integer number ≥ 1 null | string "Till B."

Display name of a user. Possible formats: "Till B.", "T. Behnke", "Till Behnke".

In the case of donation-opinions the name might also be empty/null for anonymous donations for anonymous donations.

↓author.picture object // ↪/uploads/user/profile_picture ↪/000/000/001 ↪/fill_100x100_original_tb.jpg

User profile picture or a fallback image

↑Nested Attributes: author.picture

Attribute Types Example Description
author.picture.fallback boolean true

Specifies whether a fallback image is given or not

Response Links

Linkname Description


Link to this resource itself (blog post details)


Permalink to


Link to this resource in the documentation


The user's profile on To view a user profile you have to be logged in. This array is empty if the user has no useraccount with but donated via one of our partner.


The user's contact data. Please note that you need to be authenticated as a client with matching access rights in order to see this information.


100×100 Pixel


Maximum sized image. This is the original image with default-cropping or user-cropping applied.

Response Example

  "id": 88972,
  "created_at": "2013-10-30T12:39:27+01:00",
  "updated_at": "2013-10-30T12:39:27+01:00",
  "lang": "en",
  "type": "BlogPost",
  "title": "First Climbing Contest Held in Afghanistan",
  "body": "<p><img src=\"\"><br></p><br><p>On<br> Saturday 28th September, Skateistan Kabul's volunteers and staff took <br>part in the inaugural indoor climbing competition held at the facility, <br>with both girls and boys competing (ages 11-22). This was the 1st <br>climbing competition that has taken place at Skateistan and the 1st <br>known climbing contest held in Afghanistan!<br><br>The climbing <br>competition had both female and male categories with contests that <br>included speed climbing and fastest rope coil. The competition was <br>judged by our amazing volunteer climbing teachers, including the <br>competition organiser Gio Trambaiolo who has been instrumental in <br>teaching climbing to the Skateistan volunteers. Gio has volunteered as a<br> climbing teacher nearly each week for well over a year. Skateistan is <br>extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, <br>who include around a dozen foreigners with certified climbing <br>backgrounds.</p><br><p>\" Everyone did very well, it's amazing to<br> see how the instructors and volunteers have progressed over the past <br>few months. \" - Gio, volunteer climbing teacher</p><br><p>Each <br>week since June 2012, climbing lessons have been provided <br>to Skateistan's Youth Leaders, who are Afghan staff and volunteers with <br>the project. They have learned climbing techniques, as well as built <br>up trust and respect for each other through the sport. It is been <br>inspiring to watch the volunteers develop as climbers and to see the <br>high skill level our Youth Leaders have developed since the program took<br> shape last year. Through the program, 14 young Afghans (50% girls) have<br> received certificates to be Beginner Climbing Instructors, and they now<br> facilitate climbing classes with more than 400 students who attend <br>Skateistan.</p><br><p>A brief prize ceremony was held the following week to <br>give the final results of the competition, as well as some prizes which <br>were given to everyone who participated.</p>We<br> want to thank all the climbing volunteers who have created a hugely <br>succesful sports program for our staff and students. We wish to thank <br>Giovanni Trambaiolo, Sheilagh Henry, Kate Hughes, Mindy Visser, Colin R,<br> Erin Blankenship, Jeffery Dow, Kelsey Noonan, Sarah-Jean <br>Cunningham, and Stephanie Faser. Your constant creativity and innovative<br> training have made climbing one of the leading activities for the Youth<br> Leaders at Skateistan. The development of students who attend your <br>classes has been a great pleasure to watch, and will benefit hundreds of<br> children who will continue to be taught by their Afghan peers.<p><br><img src=\"\"></p><br><p><br></p><br><br>",
  "author": null,
  "links": [
      "rel": "self",
      "href": ""
      "rel": "platform",
      "href": ""
      "rel": "documentation",
      "href": ""