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Client Project Statistics


For clients only: Some client statistics for a client. All results are cached for 20 minutes.

URL Parameters

Parameter Example Required Description
client_id volksfreund yes

The client permalink

Response Attributes

Root Attributes

Attribute Types Example Description
donated_amount_in_cents number 10100

How many cents are donated already through user donations or forwardings to all client projects.

Remember: This includes all donations to projects of this client even those that are donated via or other channels.

external_donated_amount_in_cents number 10100

How many cents are external donations, that means they were given directly to the project on other, non-betterplace channels.

requested_amount_in_cents number 11000

How many cents were requested by all client projects in total. This calculation is based on the sum of all needs (requested_amount_in_cents).

Calculate the amount of cents that is still missing until all projects are completed like this: requested_amount_in_cents - donated_amount_in_cents - external_donated_amount_in_cents

projects_count number 100

The number of projects of this client.

client_donated_amount_in_cents number 8100

How many cents are donated through the client's donation page and forwarded from the clients donation pool or matching funds of this client.

client_donations_count number 200

The number of client donations for this client.

Response Links

Linkname Description
No response example defined

Response Example

  "donated_amount_in_cents": 0,
  "external_donated_amount_in_cents": 0,
  "requested_amount_in_cents": 0,
  "projects_count": 0,
  "client_donated_amount_in_cents": 0,
  "client_donations_count": 0,
  "links": [

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