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Donor Contact Data Details


Name and email for the donor.

This feature is based on a special checkbox that has to be integrated in the client donation form or on the postdonation page. Only users that give the explicit permission to provide the data to the client will be included.

🔒 Only available if authenticated as a client and only if this client has permissions to access this data. See clients.

URL Parameters

Parameter Example Required Description
client_id volksfreund yes

The client permalink.

client_donation_id V9mxWWAeuVK9PtJw9mrZRyRk yes

The donation token or given client reference.

Response Attributes

Root Attributes

Attribute Types Example Description
first_name string Peter

The first name of the user or donor.

last_name string Paul

The last name of the user or donor.

email string

The email address of the user or donor.

Response Links

Linkname Description
No response example defined

Response Example

  "first_name": "Peter",
  "last_name": "Paul",
  "email": "",
  "links": [