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Volunteering Inquiries


Submit a volunteering inquiry into the system. It will be sent as email to the manager of the volunteering. A copy of the inquiry will be sent to the inquiring user. The request has to be a POST request with a JSON body.

🔒 Only available if authenticated as a client and only if this client has permissions to use this feature. See clients.

Response and error codes:

A successful request will return HTTP status 201 (created).

If an error occurs the HTTP return code will be 422 (unprocessable entity). More error codes.

URL Parameters

Parameter Example Required Description
client_id volksfreund yes

The client permalink.

volunteering_id 37443 yes

volunteering/job description id as an integer number.

JSON Parameters

JSON parameters have to be provided in the body of the request with the Content-Type header set to "application/json". The parameters are part of a flat JSON document without any nesting. Some parameters are required, others are optional.


  "first_name": "Peter",
  "last_name": "Paul",
  "email": "",
  "phone": "+49 (0)30 / 123456",
  "availability": "I can help every Sunday evening.",
  "profile": "I have taken care of kittens many times before.",
  "questions": "Will I work in a team or on my own?",
  "terms_of_use": true

Supported Parameters

Parameter Example Types Required Description
first_name Peter string yes

The first name of the user

last_name Paul string yes

The last name of the user

email string yes

The email of the user

phone +49 (0)30 / 123456 string no

The phone number of the user

availability I can help every Sunday evening. string yes

Information about the user’s availability. How much time would he like to spend, what are his preferred dates, would he prefer a short-term or a long-term involvement, etc.

profile I have taken care of kittens many times before. string no

Information about the user himself, his skills, etc.

questions Will I work in a team or on my own? string no

Any questions the user might have about the offer

terms_of_use true boolean yes

Confirmation that the user has accepted the privacy terms, e.g. via a checkbox.

Response Attributes

Root Attributes

Attribute Types Example Description
status string accepted

HTTP status code as a descriptive string. For a list of codes, see Example: "accepted" for code 202

status_code number 202

HTTP status code as an integer number, e.g. 202.

Response Links

Linkname Description


Location where the created/updated resource can be viewed or more information about it can be gathered.

Response Example

  "status": "created",
  "status_code": 201,
  "links": [