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Who We Are

Better Scientific Software is an organization dedicated to improving developer productivity and improving software sustainability for computational science and engineering (CSE).

This repository provides source material for the Better Scientific Software web portal. Better Scientific Software (BSSw) community members can contribute content using standard GitHub tools and processes. Contributions can be made via:

  • Web browser editing: For many people (even BSSw project members), this is probably the preferred way. GitHub provides a nice web editor for Markdown.
  • Cloning: If you have push access, you can clone and commit to this repository. This approach could be best for remote editing and activities that span across multiple source files.
  • Forking: This option is like cloning, but works for anyone. You can make edits to your own forked copy of the repo, either in a browser or from a local repository. Contributions are submitted to BSSw by using a pull request.
  • Submit article via Google Form: For those unfamiliar with GitHub tools and processes, or who simply want to make a quick contribution, we offer a Google Form for submissions.

For details see our What To Contribute and How To Contribute pages.