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Juggling excel files
Juggling excel files



Denis Pushkarev zloirock

Looking for a good job -) Russia

Victor Rampazzo vramp
I'm a baby for what concerns development. Here to improve!


Paul Adenot padenot
everything audio @mozilla --- Not looking for other opportunities at the moment, please refrain from contacting me.

@mozilla Paris, France

Danny Kirschner danman01
Web developer who likes cake

Sharks with Lazers USA

Forbes Lindesay ForbesLindesay

@ThreadsStyling London, UK

Francesco 'makevoid' Canessa makevoid
Bitcoin and Ethereum App Developer

makevoid London, UK

Daniel Hough basicallydan
Software engineer, open-source enthusiast. Works at @Junglescout.

@junglescout Vancouver, BC, Canada

Daniel Watts danbadge

BCG Digital Ventures Berlin

John Resig jeresig
Principal Architect at @Khan

@Khan Brooklyn, NY

Zach Holman holman
Founder: @signedco @during. Built: @github @GitLab.

@signedco San Francisco

Iain Ballard i-e-b
Code gardener


Alberto Boschetti boskaiolo
Data scientist. Nerd. Man.


Lloyd Holman lholman

Freelance London/Brighton UK

Anaïs Betts anaisbetts
Margot Tenenbaum as software developer.

San Francisco

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