Application for interacting with Violet's Mir:ror on OS X
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Icon from

New UI design by Bas van der Ploeg

Script Ideas:

  • current stock price
  • Play Next/Prev
  • Volume up/down/certain level
  • open google earth location
  • open iphoto album
  • open facetime to someone using facetime://
  • control hue lights (movie mode?)
  • Print App icon to cardboard and tag, link to open app
  • Combination/Chain scripts (set lights + start music + open slideshow)
  • Delegate launching/scripting to something like Alfred?

Stateful scripts

  • Last used
  • How long tag has been on reader
  • Number of scans per day

Ideas from plannete domotique

  • Launch files on your computer
  • Viewing websites
  • Display videos, photos, music
  • Voice reading info from your web site (RSS)
  • Launches Podcasts from the internet
  • Launch Webradios
  • Sending emails containing variable parts
  • Sending voice messages
  • Diffusion Weather, Stocks, Air Quality
  • Counting, recording and recalling past uses of an object
  • Lock PC, launch the screen saver
  • Send Twitter messages with variable parts
  • Receiving emails and message subject
  • Sending sensor data to external sites through URL
  • Reading books (sold separately)
  • Launching and piloting iTunes
  • And launch Skype call



  • gourse and git-playback
  • Janus as arbitrary event -> action framework.
  • Right now Mirror causes tagEvents, why not a clock that causes clockEvents or timer that causes Timer events.