A Processing based Java application for compiling basic sewing Patterns.
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ProPatPile is a free software project for creating custom-tailored sewing patterns. Based on the Processing library, this Java Application exports the pattern in a dxf-format. The software contains until now two basic patterns for pants and for pullovers/t-shirts and a pattern for overalls. The software also dispenses with curves for the armhole, the back and the hip-waist line, until now.  
In a GUI, based on JavaSwing, one can enter his proper measurements (maybe a discription of where and how to measure would help for this) and choose from the existing patterns what to draw. Ones measured the values can be saved in a text file and be loaded later. Transmitting the values will cause the actual Processing-code (the setup and draw functions) to execute. 
To realise this structure, i wrote over the Processing propers PApplet.main entry with a main function, which calls the createAndShowGUI.creating method, in which the PApplet.main function is called to execute setup and draw.
Other output formats are also supported by Processing, but not as suitable as .dxf, because the proportions are clearly defined for the .dxf export(1px => 1mm).