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Slava Bereza

Result-driven engineer with 12+ years of experience, programmer in blood and mind! I live in Thailand (GMT+7)

I have a significant interest in complex UIs, financial apps, administration panels, social networks, and Open Source projects. I would like to continue gaining experience in mobile interfaces on React Native, and in the architecture of client applications.

  • A confident participant in building large-scale web applications with distributed teams.
  • Deep knowledge of object-oriented, reactive, functional programming, design patterns, web application architecture, library design and implementation.
  • Incredible love for Open Source.


  • JavaScript (>12yrs)
  • TypeScript (5yrs)
  • React (7yrs), Mobx, Redux
  • Node.js (9yrs), Express
  • React Native (1yr)
  • Unit testing with Jest, and similar
  • Profiling web application performance and creating high-performance applications
  • Webpack with custom babel plugin development experience
  • CSS preprocessing, responsive layout
  • MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL
  • WebAssembly
  • Kanban and Scrum methodologies
  • Git, Merge Requests calm reviewer
  • Remote worker, Teammate

Work experience

Text Blaze ( - senior full-stack engineer - (contract, remote) - 2021 – 2022 (8 mos)

  • Developed and made changes to UI whole the project, from the welcome screen to the snippet markup editor. Maintained the code for Cloud functions, Chrome extension, and React Native mobile application.
  • Sped up UI rendering of the web application 2x faster for mobile devices.
  • Reduced the bundle size by 20%.
  • Successful teamwork in a globally distributed team with 4 time zones.

React, Typescript, Redux, React Native, Node.JS, Google Cloud Functions, Firebase, Firestore, Webpack, Chrome Extension.

Card of Day ( - react native developer, founder - 2020 – 2021 (8 mos)

  • Single-handedly developed the React Native app from the initial commit up to the Apple app store publishing.
  • Understanding of the Apple purchasing process.
  • Experience in native animations, resources caching, and analytics integration.

React, Typescript, React Native, Realar, Native animations, App Store purchases, Node.JS, Express, Webpack, SSR.

Samsung NEXT - senior full-stack engineer - (remote) - 2020 (7 mos)

  • Developed the user management interface for partners API. ( The partner API access keys credentials, licenses, user permissions, and customer companies management. As a participant of distributed 7 members agile team with Jira tasks desk.
  • Active architecture consultant and enthusiast, tech talks participant.
  • Multipurpose supporter of a big set of independent internal projects on most of existents technology stacks for full-stack development.
  • The effective unit tests writer.
  • Pixel perfect UI master with Figma.
  • Friendly team-member and conscious pull request reviewer.

React, Typescript, Mobx, Redux, Slack, Jira, Mirco-Services architecture, Node.JS, NestJS, Postgres, Styled Components, CSS Modules, Lerna, Docker, Jest.

Yandex - senior full-stack engineer - 2017 – 2019 (2 yrs 4 mos)

  • Integrated ad blocker (adblock, ect.) bypass system into user mail interface ( Increased ad unit revenue by 15%.
  • Active consultant on the architecture of the internal mailing service.
  • Agile tasks implementer for VanillaJS based user mail interface, and Redux based UI interface of internal user calendar service with NodeJS frontend server.

React, Javascript, Redux, Redux-Saga, Reselect, Recompose, BEM, Mobx, Slack, Jira, Node.JS, Express, Mirco-Services architecture, CSS Modules, Profiling, Jest.

Icons8 ( - senior full-stack engineer, software architect - (remote) - 2016 – 2017 (1 yr)

  • Developed a Node.js service for support Server Side Rendering on AngularJS applications.
  • Decreased page generation time from 2s on to incredible 200ms for Search Engines.
  • Developed several Open Source projects for work with SVG, transform, convert, with support SVG Fonts and SVG Sets. (welovesvg, svg-caster, etc.)
  • Realized a modular structure of the codebase.

Javascript, Slack, Jira, Node.JS, Express, SVG, Atom/Electron, Server-Side Rendering, Custom libraries development, MySQL, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Should, SCSS.

Sovcombank - senior frontend engineer, team-lead - (remote) - 2015 – 2016 (1 yr 3 mos)

  • Leading of the team with 5 developers.
  • Controlling, training, decomposition both by code and business tasks (forecasts, risks, planning, etc.). Communication with the product owner, product manager, backend and data lead.
  • Interviewing with new candidates.
  • Developed a custom data changing tracking system specific to the project data for easy and iterative migration of an application codebase from AngularJS to React.
  • Use a SOLID as a basic and priority principle for an application code architecture.

Javascript, AngularJS, React, Slack, Jira, D3, Custom libraries development.

See more professional experience on the Linkedin profile page (

Open Source

use-between ( - author - (>170k downloads) - the easiest way for sharing React state.

  • Deep experience in the internal React code kitchen.
  • Developed a fully functional state management system through just one React hook.

React, Typescript, Minimalism.

Realar advanced state manager ( - author - the progressive Open Source state manager for React that provides the possibility for convenient using object-oriented principles on the same side with functional programming for an application state and actions control.

  • Developed a special code style of javascript for the best delivery with an incredible lightweight bundle size.
  • Deep experience with all existing kinds of dependency trackers for the reactive values synchronization.

React, Typescript, Npm packages publishing, Webpack, Jest, Node.JS, Babel plugin development, Lerna, Low-Level JavaScript, Design Patterns, Performance, Technical writer.

reactive-box ( - author - 1.2 kB full feature reactive language basis.

svg-path-bounding-box ( - author - (>400k downloads) - SVG path bounding box calculator.

Technical writer

Thanks a lot for your time. I will be glad to take part of your team!

Happy growing!

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