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Joomla Day New England 2012 Template Workshop

Code repository for the Joomla! Day New England 2012 Template Workshop -

Designed to introduce the fundamental basics of what a Joomla! template needs, by converting a simple HTML mock-up. We will then progressively develop this template to include additional basic features and functionality, all the while explaining the various aspects of the code to empower you with the foundational knowledge you need to take this adventure into whatever direction you decide to go in.


Is based mostly on Dan Cederholm's Bulletproof Web Design Example Code: The Bulletproof Pretzel Company From


Basic, functional template based on the HTML mock-up. While somewhat limited, this implementation illustrates the bare essentials required by Joomla.

Uses Joomla 2.5's sample data, position-7 populates the right-hand menus, position-1 populates the top navigation, position-12 can be populated by a Custom HTML module, and the component replaces the static sample content.

In the Module Manager, assign the sample Custom HTML module to position 12 (it was set to ::none) and assign to all pages.


Slight improvement of the basic implementation including module chrome and the very useful <jdoc:include type="message" />

Adds module chrome xhtml to display module title (if desired) and to allow using module class suffix.


Further development of the template to include more functionality such as collapsible module positions/containing elements as well as techniques for using Joomla's to link stylesheets, JavaScript and other head elements.


More advanced development of the template to include dynamically adding body classes, template parameters, external PHP files.

Getting started


The easiest way to get stared with these files is to download them pre-bundled with Joomla! 2.5.3 at Simply extract the file from the archive and install it like you would any Joomla! installation.

The Super User account information is admin:admin

You can also download just this code at Once downloaded, extract the files into your /templates directory.


To clone this entire repo into an existing Joomla installing, open the templates directory in your terminal and run the following commands:

- `git init`
- `git remote add origin`
- `git pull origin master`


Once you have these files in your /templates directory, using either method, , go to Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Discover and click the Discover button. Check off the check marks next to step-2 through step-4, click install.

Get your Jooooooooooooooooooomla on!

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