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Response wrappers

bevacqua edited this page Jan 22, 2012 · 4 revisions

Response objects in BridgeStack are wrapped in common objects, mirroring the behavior of the SE API, and allowing users to get their hands on as much information as possible.

IHttpResponse wrapper

The IHttpResponse wrapper includes just two properties. All response objects inherit from here.
The first one being Dynamic, which is the response as-is. This was included for the most part to address changes on the API response format. Given that Dynamic is not strongly-typed, we can always rest assured the entire API response will be found here.
The second property on this wrapper is Exception, this object will encapsulate both API exceptions and bridge-level exceptions.

IOAuthResponse wrapper

The IOAuthResponse wrapper simply includes two extra fields. These are the actual access_token and an optional expires field which, if set, determines the timespan until the access_token expires and stops working.

IApiResponse wrapper

I won't delve much into this wrapper since this is a copy of the wrapper that can be found here on the SE API docs.
There is, though, one property I did add to it, that would be the Source property, which can be useful to determine the processing result of the bridge, and whether the API or the bridge threw an Exception, and whether the result came from the API itself or from the bridge's internal cache.

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