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4.1.6 Closed Captioning

  • Introduced support for cc, bcc fields

4.1.3 Image Hero

  • Introduced ability to set headerImage on the model for individual emails

4.1.2 Friendly Foe

  • Introduced teaserHtml option to give template plugins more header-rendering options

4.1.1 Bear Trap

  • Don't annoy trap recipients with annoying tweakPlaceholder glyphs

4.1.0 Format Wars

  • Introduced formatting option to modify HTML right before submission

4.0.2 Nip Tuck

  • Minor internal nitpicking
  • Cleaned up dependency tree

4.0.1 To Be

  • Validation ensures is an array

4.0.0 Monkey Patch

  • Replaced model.mandrill option with model.provider to better support campaign-mailgun
  • Improved (breaking) input format for model.provider.merge
  • Introduced provider.tweakPlaceholder to tweak {{placeholder.templates}} in email provider plugins
  • Demoted Mandrill as a default provider because yuck!
  • Offloaded email-sending providers and responsibility completely into external plugins as originally intended

3.0.0 Modern Family

  • Replaced html-md with maintained module htmlmd-2

2.0.0 Renderable Entities

  • Introduced .render, .renderString methods

1.6.0 JSON-LD

  • Campaign now forwards the linkedData property to the layout template

1.5.0 Bug as a Service

  • Fix an issue where the templating service would throw an error

1.4.4 Unsubscribe As Authored

  • Introduced _unsubscribe layout property, making it optional (but still a merge variable when using the Mandrill provider)

1.4.3 Easy Going

  • Introduced ability to set from and trap fields on the email model as well as on the Campaign configuration object

1.4.2 Teaser Appeaser

  • Replace instances of preview with teaser

1.3.3 Showdown

  • Fixed an issue where embedded images wouldn't be displayed

1.3.1 Touching Base

  • Alternative way to provide image paths using base64 values

1.2.8 Scoped Terminal

  • Terminal provider is now scoped

1.2.6 Special Moments

  • Allow to modify moment's format string


  • Pretty Markdown output for terminal logger

1.2.1 Mail Fraud

  • client.send and client.sendString now return only the result from the provider

1.2.0 Spark Plugs

  • Support for plugging in templating engines other than mustache


  • Renamed console client as terminal

1.1.1 Real Eel

  • Setting trap to true will now simply not send any emails, period

1.1.0 Providing for the family

  • Renamed confusing client definition as provider, which is more accurate

1.0.1 Mailbox

  • Out the box nodemailer client added

1.0.0 Dragon Fire

  • Initial Public Release