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Hey there! Glad you want to chime in. Here's what you need to know.

Support Requests

There's now a dedicated support channel in Slack. Visit this page to get an invite. Support requests won't be handled through the repository anymore.

If you have a question, make sure it wasn't already answered. If it wasn't, please refer to the Slack chat. To get an invite, use the badge in the demo page.

Our goal is to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions somewhere in the documentation.


Bug reports are tricky. Please provide as much context as possible, and if you want to start working on a fix, we'll be forever grateful! Please try and test around for a bit to make sure you're dealing with a bug and not an issue in your implementation.

If possible, provide a demo where the bug is isolated and turned into its smallest possible representation. That would help a lot!

Thanks for reporting bugs, we'd be lost without you.

Feature Requests

We're still considering feature requests. Note that we might not implement the feature you want, or exactly how you want it. The goal here is to keep making dragula awesome while not making it too bloated.

We also dislike overly specific features and favor more abstract ones you the consumer can build other features upon.


Development flows are based on npm run scripts.


To compile a standalone browserify module, use the following command. A minified version will also be produced. The compiled bundles are placed inside dist. Since these are autogenerated, please don't include them in your pull requests.

npm run build

You can also run the build continuously, to facilitate development, with this command.

npm start


Run the command below to execute all tests in a DevTools window through Electron. Note that the DevTools will get reloaded whenever your test files change, making tests a breeze!

npm run test-watch

To run tests a single time, simply run the following command. This is used in CI testing.

npm test