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Render websites in plain text from your terminal

A CLI and an API to convert HTML into plain text. Can be used to fetch a site's HTML version and convert it into plain text, or to deliver plain text versions of your site dynamically.

You can also convert HTML into HTML, ignoring certain document elements, and starting at a root element other than <html>. You can choose to take raw Markdown output as well, instead of the default terminal-formatted plain text.


Globally or locally.

npm install hget --save
npm install hget -g


The API exports a function that takes in HTML and returns a formatted plain text string. It uses colors and formatting provided by chalk.

var hget = require('hget');
var html = '<p>Hello <b>Nico</b>!</p>';

// <- 'Hello Nico!'

You can also pass in a few options.

hget(html, options)

The options are as follows.

  • root sets the context root, it defaults to 'body'. Maybe you want to use 'main' or something akin to that.
  • ignore can be a single selector or an array of selectors. Any elements that match the provided selectors will be removed from the document before rendering the terminal-printable output. Keep in mind that these selectors will be rooted in the root element.
  • html means that you'll get HTML back, instead of the default human-readable terminal output
  • markdown means you'll get Markdown back, instead of the default human-readable terminal output


Easy and flexible to use!

hget ponyfoo.com
hget file.html
cat file.html | hget

Example usage

Ooh, the CLI also follows redirects.

hget ponyfoo.com/articles/last --root article --ignore footer,.mm-count,.at-meta

Also, the output will be paged using $PAGER for convenience. You can turn this off using --no-paging.

It works well on most sites. Here's just the news links from EchoJS.

hget echojs.com --root #newslist --ignore "article>:not(h2)"