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Pull list of leads from a Twitter Ads Lead Generation Card


$ npm install --save twitter-leads


The example shown below will pull a list of leads from Twitter Ads.

var leads = require('twitter-leads');

leads({ username, password, ads, card }, done);

function done (err, leads) {
  // handle response


leads(options, done)

Posts an article on HN by making a series of requests against their website. Takes some options, detailed below.

Property Description
username Your Twitter username, used to authenticate.
password Your Twitter password, used to authenticate.
ads Your Twitter Ads account ID. Find it by logging into ads.twitter.com.
card The Twitter Card ID for the Lead Generation card you want to download leads for.
since Optional. Leads generated before the since date won't be returned

When the requests against Twitter are done, the done callback will be invoked with two arguments.

  • err will have an error if one occurred, and null otherwise
  • leads will be the lead data as an array, where each entry contains the following fields:
    • time is the Date when a user interacted with your card
    • email is their email address, e.g hello@ponyfoo.com
    • name is their full user name, e.g: Nicolás Bevacqua
    • handle is their handle, e.g: @nzgb