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Added a hint about accessible sectioning elements.

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@@ -2,9 +2,11 @@ feature: HTML5 sectioning elements
status: use
tags: gtie8,polyfill,article,header,nav
kind: html
-polyfillurls: [html5shiv](, [html5shiv (github)](
+polyfillurls: [html5shiv](, [html5shiv (github)](, [accessifyhtml5.js](
-The new sectioning elements (like `<header>`, `<footer>`, `<nav>`, `<article>`, and `<section>`) can be used to expose better accessibility to your document structure. All browsers except oldIE (IE <=8) handle these fine. The notes below only apply to oldIE:
+All browsers except oldIE (IE <=8) handle new sectioning elements (like `<header>`, `<footer>`, `<nav>`, `<article>`, and `<section>`) fine. However they aren’t mapped to accessibility APIs as the [HTML5 spec]( requires. [Accessifyhtml5.js]( maps them correctly.
+The notes below only apply to oldIE:
The [html5shiv]( enables you to use these in your markup (and Modernizr does the exact same by default).

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