Resources for teaching Vim
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Teaching Vim

Resources and samples for teaching Vim

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School and beyond

This is my favorite quote from Thoughtbot's post on the vim learning curve myth & exactly why I chose to introduce the concept of Vim to kids.

No one ever says “I’d love to learn Street Fighter 2, but there are just so many combos!” People don’t say this because learning a game is enjoyable. You start off with just the basic kicks and punches, and those get you by. Later, you learn more advanced moves, maybe even by accident.

We start with a plain out of the box set up initially. They will master the basics and strive toward more efficient moves on their own.

Why am I teaching kids vim? I'm not teaching them everything they need to know about Vim. That would take years and then some. Instead I try to expose them to different editors or skills they might use in Vim (like hjkl) but not make them Vim masterminds.