My fork of PHPLIB by Boris Erdmann, Kristian Koehntopp & Jeffrey Galbraith
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My fork of PHPLIB by Boris Erdmann, Kristian Koehntopp & Jeffrey Galbraith

AUTOGENERATOR  for  PHPLIB.  ( David Beveridge <dave at bevhost dot com> )

PHPLIB is a great tool which make's it easy to produce forms, to add, edit & delete
data records as well as providing an SQL query tool to find records.

Whilst the examples given show how to bolt it all together, there is a huge amount 
of repetative work for each database table, defining form structures, add routings, 
delete routines etc.

I quickly decided that most of this information could derived from the original SQL
structure.  And so autogen.php was born.  I have now been using it for several years
and has gone through many enhancements.

What changes for each php file is the table name and the column specifications for the table.

The basic structure of an add/view/edit/copy/delete/search table function is
This can also be know as a CRUD interface create/retrieve/update/delete

check view permissions

if submit form
   check edit permissions
   if Add/Edit
      if validate ok
         reprint form
   if delete
   if load form
      get data

if load data
   if view/delete 
	freeze for to prevent edit
   show form

default action
   show query form
   define columns to display
   define map nice column names for display
   if query form submit
	set query
	set default query
   do query
   show result 


This is the basic structure of TableName.php files that are created for every table in the database

In addition, for each table, two more files are created.
	TableNameform.ihtml		a file to be included whenever you want a
					form to appear if you want to change the 
					layout of the form edit this file			a file containing the data format setup 
					[column specifications] edit this file 
					if you want to change the data validation 

  PHPLIB  Enhancements
:-====================-:		New!, driver for PHP Data Objects - highly recommended.
			allows prepared statements to completely avoid 
			SQL injection attacks.		New!, driver for Mysql Improved PHP.,		fixed metadata - required by autogen.php		added quote - database specific add slashes function
			added quote_identifier - same but for columns and table names
			added get_primary_key - used by autogen.php

db_proxy_client,	New!, allows access via proxy server to database driver on 
			another host
db_proxy_server		In particular if you require a windows odbc driver and 
			you're on linux.		made it so that the get/cookie mode is automatic
			added have_perm function which is accessible when
			auth/perm classes show login has happened.
			updated to PHP5		added option field so an item can have colour 
			and/or size options added to items		look for $cmd globals to disable javascript 
			form checking on view/delete forms.
			added of_htmlarea and of_date object types.		uses FCK or CK Editor to create a WYSIWYG html editor.		uses ajax/php strtotime and javascript date picker 
			for nice date fields		added getblob - allow storage of images in database or 
					on disk
			added show_image
			added show_image_href
			added link - allows relational database links to happen 
				     automatically on forms
			added find_values - function to load a record for form 
			added save_values - save form data into a record on disk
			added reload_values - for redisplay form when didn't validate
			added showChildRecords - show relational data		added add_total - option to sum column and display in title 
			added add_insert - add a row to top of table to be used for 
					   add row or search
			added edit - allow rows to be edited in place (uses oohforms)
			added ipe - allow cells to be edited in place (uses ajax)
			added align map - user specified column alignment map 
			added add_extra - created default function for this feature
			added select - function to create SQL queries based on 
				       the LinkedTables feature		show list box for columns that are linked to another table.
			added first, prev, next, last buttons to search dialog.

prepend.php		added Eventlog function
			added error trapping

  Other Goodies added to bundle
:-=============================-:		functions to send SMS message to a mobile cell phone using 
			clickatell or smsglobal		function to send Multipart MIME encoded mail messages with 

web.php			CURL wrapper to make opening web pages by php script control 
			easier supports HTTPS sits and sites which require cookies.		full function paypal class.

paypal.sql		database schema for the paypal class.		multiple currency support and ajax AddToCart functions

update_exchange_rates	php shell script to be placed in cron.daily

LinkedTables.php	Wizard to help developers create one to many database joins.

iso_country_list	table with data to allow dropdown select box for country 

HTML Editor(s)		HTML Editor teamed up with PHPLIB templates to allow editing
			of web pages and HTML database fields. FCKeditor or CKeditor 
			(with or without CKfinder)

MenuEditor.php		Menu Editor which allows building of a multi layer menu 
			structure.  Integrates with perm class to control view and 
			edit access to each sql table.

ContentEditor.php	HTML Page Editor that uses FCK or CK Editor.
			Integrates with MenuEditor menus.

menus.php		include file to be included in page header to output 
			multi-layer menu.

menu-horiz.css		CSS layout to make the menu appear across the top of the 

menu-vert.css		CSS layout to make the menu appear down the left hand side 
			of the page.

styles.css		Sample CSS Style sheet.

head.ihtml		Sample Page Header.

foot.ihtml		Sample Page Footer.		Console application to assist adding web sites to web server
			creates user account, apache setup, web directory structure,
			htaccess files.

NOTICE REGARDING EDITOR CHOICE - PHPLIB integrates with 2 different editors.

$_ENV["editor"] tells us which WYSIWYG editor is installed
 fckeditor,	is a free editor and file uploader that works well in firefox and ie
 ckeditor,	is a better free editor that works in more browsers but does not
	     	have a file uploader build in
 ckfinder,	is a file uploader for ckeditor, 
	     	but is not free (see for pricing)

If you set $_ENV["editor"]='ckfinder' then the editor is ckeditor with ckfinder integrated.

If you try to switch from fck to cf editor you will discover that the image and file folders are not the same.
So when you open the file browser in the other editor there will be no files visible.

  How to use the PHPLIB Autogenerator

Although the Menu Editor and Content Editor allows PHPLIB to be used as a CMS, 
this is not the main purpose for which it can be used.  The PHPLIB autogenerator
is designed to take away the repeative work of making form templates and tables 
definition files required for database applications.

To use autogen your should first define your database schema then run autogen to 
analyse your tables and create a working application for you to modify.

Sometimes the data for your application already exists.  In this case you can 
convert the data to a CSV file and import it into the database, then run the autogen.

As an example, here is details on how to get an Australian Postcodes table running.

Click on Postcode Datafile, OK
Click on Download Full Postcode Database
Save the file.

Goto /phplib/import.php on your new web site.
Browse for the .zip file you just downloaded from Australia Post.
Upload the file.
Submit for import into SQL.

Goto /phplib/autogen.php
The files are now created in phplib/autogen/
copy the .inc and .ihtml files to the phplib folder and any .php files you want to document root (public_html).

You should now be able to add the .php file to somewhere on the menu in your
application.  You may want to restrict access to just admin to start with.