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Bevry is a cooperative aimed at seeing everyone enabled to do what they love, share it with the world, and live well.

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  1. Quite possibly the best dotfile experience you've ever had; supports fish, zsh, and bash out of the box across mac and linux; as well as multi-user configuration; and instant configuration of ssh, …

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  2. Stop wasting time maintaining your project's readme and package files! Let Projectz do it for you.

    TypeScript 223 67

  3. Automatic scaffolding and upgrading of your JavaScript ecosystem projects using Bevry's best practices

    JavaScript 11 1

  4. 📦 The best way to produce and consume the JavaScript packages you care about.

    TypeScript 59 2

  5. Bevry's ESLint configuration is an adaptive configuration that automatically configures ESLint

    JavaScript 4

  6. Crowd-sourced list of Travis CI hooks/scripts etc to level up your .travis.yml file

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