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@@ -7,23 +7,23 @@ Caterpillar is an awesome, simple, intuitive console logger for [Node.js](http:/
### Running Normally
-Running the [console example]( with `coffee examples/`
+Running the [console example]( with `coffee examples/`
-<img src=""/>
+<img src=""/>
### Running in Debug Mode (log level 7)
-Running the [console example]( with `coffee examples/ -d`
+Running the [console example]( with `coffee examples/ -d`
When you set the log level to level 7 (debug level), then the `ConsoleFormatter` will also output a debug line, containing the time, file, function and line number of what triggered the log message
-<img src=""/>
+<img src=""/>
## Using
-Please refer to the [console example]( for usage
+Please refer to the [console example]( for usage
## Install

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