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CSON Build Status

CoffeeScript-Object-Notation Parser. Same as JSON but for CoffeeScript objects.

What is CSON?

Everyone knows JSON, it's the thing that looks like this:

    "abc": [
    "a": {
        "b": "c"

But with the invention of CoffeeScript you can also write the same thing in CSON which looks like this:

    abc: [
        b: 'c'

Which is far more lenient than JSON, nicer to write and read, and won't fail if you forget a comma.


  1. Install Node.js

  2. Install CSON

    npm install cson

Using CSON

  • With Node.js in JavaScript

    // Include CSON
    CSON = require('cson');
    // Parse a file path
    CSON.parseFile('data.cson', function(err,obj){});  // async
    result = CSON.parseFileSync('data.cson')  // sync
    // Parse a String
    CSON.parse(src, function(err,obj){});  // async
    result = CSON.parseSync(src);  // sync
    // Stringify an object to CSON
    CSON.stringify(obj, function(err,str){});  // async
    result = CSON.stringifySync(obj);  // sync
  • With Node.js in CoffeeScript

    # Include CSON
    CSON = require('cson')
    # Parse a file path
    CSON.parseFile 'data.cson', (err,obj) ->  # async
    result = CSON.parseFile('data.cson')  # sync
    # Parse a string
    CSON.parse src, (err,obj) ->  # async
    result = CSON.parseSync(src)  # sync
    # Stringify an object to CSON
    CSON.stringify data, (err,str) ->  # async
    result = CSON.stringifySync(obj)  # sync
    - Via the command line (requires a global installation of CSON via `npm install -g cson`)
    ``` bash
    # JSON file to CSON String
    json2cson filePath > out.cson
    # CSON file to JSON String
    cson2json filePath > out.json


    You can discover the version history inside the file


    Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
    Copyright © 2012 Bevry Pty Ltd
    Copyright © 2011 Benjamin Lupton


    Sincerely, thank you. Lots of love from the CSON Team

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