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Can't run docpad #223

dimitarkolev opened this Issue May 21, 2012 · 5 comments

4 participants

Dimitar Kolev-Dick Khalid Jebbari Benjamin Ach Benjamin Arthur Lupton
Dimitar Kolev-Dick

I just installed docpad 5.2.3 and can not make anything work, even docpad run fails to get a canvas skeleton and generate something. It fails asking for src folder and if i create it by hand nothing happens.

If i run docpad skeleton after i choose a skeleton it write completed successfully and blocks there with no files in the folder or any other input or output.

Khalid Jebbari
DjebbZ commented May 22, 2012

Can you provide a precise log of your actions and errors ? I wasn't able to reproduce the problem.

Dimitar Kolev-Dick

Blank install Ubuntu 12.04 -> NodeJS + npm -> Docpad (from npm) -> Create empty folder and "docpad run" inside. Tomorrow I will give Benjamin ssh to my machine.

Benjamin Ach

Exactly the same issue.
NodeJS + npm form synaptic

Benjamin Arthur Lupton

Can anyone reproduce this with the just released v6.0.6?

Dimitar Kolev-Dick

Its ok for html5 skeleton, i believe this one if fixed in 6.0.6

Dimitar Kolev-Dick dimitarkolev closed this June 19, 2012
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