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Add a "Would you like to show your support and star DocPad" welcome message #497

balupton opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Benjamin Arthur Lupton Eduardo Lávaque flamingm0e
Benjamin Arthur Lupton

Would star the github repo and npm package.

The question would be when should this be shown? Right away, or after a few runs. I'm thinking maybe on their next upgrade.

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Benjamin Arthur Lupton

We added a Contribute: line in recent versions, but would be nice if we did this automatically for the user. We could detect the presence of the ~/.npmrc file and if so, then run npm star docpad for them.

Eduardo Lávaque

Perhaps a docpad star command and just remind the user every 5 runs or so?

And the command, besides starring DocPad it also adds a line to the file enabling an option along the lines of remindDocpadStar or something like that. Sets it to false so that it stops reminding the user.


I didn't even know about npm star. Very cool.

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