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    JavaScript 7 1


    Execute a function ambidextrously (normalizes the differences between synchronous and asynchronous functions). Useful for treating synchronous functions as asynchronous functions (like supporting both synchronous and asynchronous event definitions automatically).

    Updated May 13, 2016

    CoffeeScript 2 0


    UNSUPPORTED: A proxy for the APIs that will cache the results the best it can to avoid rate limits

    Updated Oct 2, 2013

    JavaScript 1 0


    Provide some arguments, get back a hash object of the arguments indexed by their type. Very useful for agnostic argument orders.

    Updated Dec 12, 2015

    JavaScript 3 0


    Returns a copy of a JavaScript object with the keys arranged in a specified order. Useful for formatting JSON files.

    Updated Dec 11, 2015

    JavaScript 1 0


    Common utilities and helpers to make testing assertions easier

    Updated May 2, 2016

    CoffeeScript 7 1


    UNSUPPORTED: Support nested data types like collections and models within your Backbone.js models

    Updated Feb 2, 2016

    JavaScript 13 12


    The definitive rendering collection of badges

    Updated Jan 14, 2016

    JavaScript 15 8


    Base files for new projects

    Updated May 13, 2016

    JavaScript 2 1


    The definitive listing of binary extensions.

    Updated May 10, 2016

    JavaScript 2 0


    A tiny wrapper that sits around your request function that caches it's data for a specified duration, provides updates as requested rather than polling each interval

    Updated Dec 10, 2015

    JavaScript 226 9


    Caterpillar is the ultimate logging system for Node.js, based on transform streams you can log to it and pipe the output off to different locations, including some pre-made ones. Caterpillar also supports log levels according to the RFC standard, as well as line, method, and file fetching for messages.

    Updated May 3, 2016

    JavaScript 4 0


    Use Caterpillar within Web Browsers! (even includes support for colors!)

    Updated May 3, 2016

    JavaScript 1 0


    Examples on different ways Caterpillar can be used

    Updated May 4, 2016

    JavaScript 4 0


    Filter Caterpillar log entries by their log level, omitting all entries of a higher log level than requested.

    Updated May 3, 2016

    JavaScript 4 1


    Outputs Caterpillar log entries in a human readable format. Includes color and debug support.

    Updated May 3, 2016


    Meta: Bevry's approach to the client-side

    Updated Jun 22, 2014


    A guide to migrate from CoffeeScript to ES6 / ES7 / ES2015

    Updated Mar 26, 2015

    CoffeeScript 4 1


    Use the Coffee-Script extends keyword outside of Coffee-Script. Useful for easily extending existing existing classes, e.g. `require('csextends')(klass, extensions)`, and for providing your module consumers with an easy way to extend your classes, i.e. `Backbone.Model.extend(extensions)`.

    Updated Jul 3, 2014

    CoffeeScript 921 45


    CoffeeScript-Object-Notation. Same as JSON but for CoffeeScript objects.

    Updated Jan 14, 2016


    Meta: Designs and resources for our company, community, and products

    Updated Mar 17, 2015

    JavaScript 3 8


    Meta: Documentation for our Projects

    Updated Apr 10, 2016

    JavaScript 16 8


    Node's domain module for the web browser

    Updated Feb 16, 2016

    CoffeeScript 2 0


    Inject scripts and styles into the DOM with duplicate prevention and completion callback support

    Updated Jun 22, 2014

    JavaScript 2 1


    Give eachr an array or object, and the iterator, in return eachr will give the iterator the value and key of each item, and will stop if the iterator returned false.

    Updated Jan 16, 2016

    JavaScript 11 0


    Editions are the best way to produce and consume the JavaScript packages you care about. With editions you can produce packages beautifully, and consume packages perfectly.

    Updated Mar 20, 2016

    JavaScript 4 0


    Parse and write environment files with Node.js

    Updated Mar 12, 2016

    JavaScript 27 3


    Benchmarks comparing ESNext features to their ES5 and various pre-processor equivalents

    Updated May 5, 2016

    JavaScript 6 1


    Load your ES6+ files if the user's environment supports it, otherwise gracefully fallback to your ES5 files.

    Updated May 2, 2016

    CoffeeScript 7 0


    Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

    Updated Dec 11, 2014

    CoffeeScript 4 0


    DEPRECATED: Node's events module for the browser

    Updated Mar 11, 2015

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