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v7.0.1 2017 April 16

  • Fixed fatal: remote origin already exists on initGitRepo when remote already existed, it will now overwrite the remote

v7.0.0 2017 April 16

  • Removed initOrPullGitRepo and put its functionality into initGitRepo if the appropriate args are provided, also checkout the branch (if provided) before pulling it

v6.4.0 2017 April 16

  • Updated base files
  • Fix node <0.12 support

v6.3.0 2016 June 4

  • Updated dependencies

v6.2.0 2016 June 4

  • Introduced determineExecPathSync which is now used of opts.sync is true in determineExecPath
    • Removes the need for sync option in TaskGroup, which has caused too much complexity over the years

v6.1.0 2016 May 28

v6.0.2 2015 December 10

  • Updated internal conventions

v6.0.1 2015 September 24

  • Updated base files
  • Updated dependencies

v6.0.0 2015 September 7

  • Dropped support for node 0.10 and earlier, minimum supported version is now 0.12
    • This is due to the compiled babel code not supporting for of loops
  • Moved from CoffeeScript to ES6+
  • Fixed callback support on execSync
  • Fixed error handling on initOrPullGitRepo

v5.1.0 2015 April 7

  • Added spawnNodeModule

v5.0.0 2015 April 7

  • Removed requireFresh(path) instead use the requirefresh package
  • Deprecated path option on initGitRepo, initOrPullGitRepo, initNodeModules - use cwd option instead

v4.0.0 2015 March 17

  • Removed spawnCommand and spawnCommands use spawn and spawnMultiple instead

v3.0.2 2015 March 17

  • Will no longer attempt to read stdout and stderr on spawn if stdio option is set (it's not possible)

v3.0.1 2015 March 17

  • Fixed Buffer concatenation error inside spawn

v3.0.0 2015 March 17

  • Backwards Compatibility Breaks:
    • spawn's stdout and stderr are now Buffers
      • If you're upgrading, all you have to do to get the previous functionality is to do stdout.toString()
    • outputPrefix value no longer affects stdout and stderr results (only their output to the terminal)
  • Added:
    • hasSpawnSync
    • hasExecSync
    • isExecutable(path, opts?, next)
    • isExecutableSync(path, opts?, next?)
    • spawnSync(command, opts?, next?)
    • execSync(command, opts?, next?)
  • Improvements:
    • exec now supports outputPrefix option
    • The checks to see if an executable path exists and works have been greatly improved and abstracted out from determineExecPath into isExecutable and isExecutableSync
    • determineExecPath, getExecPath, and isExecutable can now operate synchronously with a callback using the sync: true option
    • Retrieval and writing to a path cache can now be disabled using the cache: false option
  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.13 2015 February 7

  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.12 2014 May 21

  • Fix execMultiple
  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.11 2014 January 10

  • Added outputPrefix option for safeps.spawn

v2.2.10 2013 December 27

  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.9 2013 November 6

  • Repackaged
  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.8 2013 September 16

  • Fixed Error: A task's completion callback has fired when the task was already in a completed state, this is unexpected when an error occurs before close within a spawned process

v2.2.7 2013 August 29

  • Updated dependencies

v2.2.6 2013 June 29

  • Added support for .cmd aliases on windows to getPossibleExecPaths

v2.2.5 2013 June 29

  • Split out possible exec path functionality from getExecPath to getPossibleExecPaths(execName?)
  • Added support for .bat aliases on windows to getPossibleExecPaths
  • More efficient possible exec paths ordering when on windows

v2.2.4 2013 June 25

  • Repackaged

v2.2.3 2013 June 25

  • spawn now works when stdio is set to inherit

v2.2.2 2013 June 24

  • determineExecPath now works for processes that do not implement --version
  • spawn now won't crash on EACCESS errors

v2.2.1 2013 June 24

  • determinePossibleExecPath is now more effecient
  • getGitPath, getNodePath, getNpmPath won't added undefined paths
  • spawn
    • now inherits our process.env by default, can be changed with opts.env
    • now sends signal and code in the completion callback correctly
    • now works
  • getExecPath
    • now caches the result
    • won't currupt absolute paths
    • will work with relative paths

v2.2.0 2013 June 24

  • Split from bal-util with these additional changes:
    • spawn is now safe rather than just spawnCommand
    • spawn now waits for close instead of exit
    • getEnvironmentPaths now uses require('path').delimiter for seperation
    • getStandardExecPaths now uses require('path').join for joining execName to a possible path
    • initGitRepo, initOrPullGitRepo and initNodeModules now use opts.cwd instead of opts.path