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delfick commented Mar 3, 2013

It would appear that the way vim saves files breaks how watchr determines when something has changed.

So, my change does:

  • Assumes args into listener always has [event, fragment]
  • Uses isIgnoredFile on the fragment, so I can add /^4913$/ to the ignored patterns and have it ignore vim's test 4913 file (
  • Says if listening on a file and the event is a rename to itself then we ignore it because a change event will happen.
  • A directory is not the same if the event is a change, even if the size and mtimes are the same.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure if this has any undesired side effects. I'm hoping you people will have a better idea of such things :)



Just tried this out with @adrianolaru for docpad/docpad#477 who was reporting that watchr doesn't pick up and subsequent changes using vim, unfortunately it didn't work! Any ideas? Vim works perfectly for myself with watchr...


I have set noswapfile and set nobackup lines in my vimrc and no changes are picked up when editing in vim. If I commenting out the set noswapfile setting, watchr is picking up the changes, but it's not actually an update change, it's a delete and create combo, but i guess this is how vim works.


Implemented a fix in v2.4.1. Let me know if it fixes the issue for you as well. Closing for now, will re-open if it is still a problem.

@balupton balupton closed this Apr 10, 2013
delfick commented Apr 10, 2013

I just tried it with v2.4.3 and it would seem it doesn't work.

It would appear that my commit applied to v2.4.3 still fixes the issue.
(I have swap files in a ~/.vimswap folder, the issue I see is that vim will rename the file when it saves and watchr gets confused by this)


Hrmm, lets arrange a time when I can remote in.

For a bit of background, there is also an issue with Sublime Text 3 that I'm trying to nail at the same time. Also packed with different OS implementations this is becoming quite hard to track down.

delfick commented Apr 11, 2013

I sent you an email using the email address on your github profile. I'm not sure if you got it.....

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