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  1. mqttroute-mongodb-connector mqttroute-mongodb-connector Public

    MQTT Mongo DB Connector. Plugin to collect all MQTT messages into Mongo DB.

    Python 3 1

  2. Esp8266-mqtt-codegenerator Esp8266-mqtt-codegenerator Public

    The java based code generator Plugin for MQTTClient for ESP8266

    Java 3

  3. mqttroute-elasticsearch-connector mqttroute-elasticsearch-connector Public

    MQTT ElasticSearch Integration. The Connector to store the received events and commands published from the MQTTRoute - mqtt broker to the ElasticSearch backend.

    Python 2

  4. mqttroute2-furnace-monitor-sample mqttroute2-furnace-monitor-sample Public

    Sample extension for MQTTRoute for furnace monitoring

    HTML 1 3

  5. bevywise-iot-platfom-android-sdk bevywise-iot-platfom-android-sdk Public


  6. bevywise-iot-platfom-ios-sdk bevywise-iot-platfom-ios-sdk Public



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